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Intranet and Community Site Development

Our award winning intranet and social network platform offers a highly customisable, feature rich head-start to build both open and closed membership communities with the best toolset available.

In as little as 2 weeks your staff could be building links to one another, forming groups and sharing knowledge with our suite of intranet controls.

Because we have built modular social networking sites around SharePoint, the .net framework, and the Ektron Content Management System, we can design and build a site to exactly meet your needs. This gives you far more flexibility than using an 'out of the box' tool, but also gives you the benefit of not having to build your system from scratch.

The system has been built using our unique knowledge of both social networking sites and intranets, gained over many years. Our work with major clients implementing SharePoint and building business applications gives us a huge insight into how organisations work and structure themselves. On top of this, we have built a number of successful community/social networking sites that use many of the latest techniques to connect people and enable them to interact. All of this experience has been pooled into designing a platform that brings all of these techniques into your organisation, connecting and enabling your staff.

Your application can feature a mixture of pre-built modules and bespoke development work, allowing the platform to grow and change as your needs change.
A typical Intranet site can feature:
• Full CMS functionality allowing you to change content and enable workflow.
• Moderated news, enabling all of your staff to submit news items to the site.
• Group generation and management, allowing like minded people to connect and interact.
• Targetted content, delivering custom information based on location, department or role.
• User generated content, including full tagging, comments and discussions.
• Full user profiles,  making your address book into a fully featured ‘people finder’
• Favourites management allowing staff to keep their favourite pages saved against their login rather than on a static computer.
• Wiki based search and Tag Cloud searches
• Search of all document content, including PDF and Word files.
• Forums
• Blogs
• User generated video upload and management.
• User generate photo album upload and management.
• Full Web 2.0 toolbox.
• Validated or open Membership with custom fields, geocode lookup and storing of member location.

Bespoke intranet clients include FTSE 100 companies and top UK utilities companies. Our standalone intranet is used by companies such as HMV, Admiral Car Insurance, NHS and many more big names.

We have built this business with the aim of accommodating all varieties of businesses and their individual needs. With intranets that are able to integrate seamlessly with existing IT systems or stand on their own, AMT Intranet proves we have an intranet solution for everyone.

Please see our Intranet and Community Sites Clients page to view sites that we have developed.