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Ektron Gold Partner

AMT Evolve is an Ektron certified partner and have deployed projects on the Ektron platform including Scottish and Southern Electric (SSE) and Scotia Gas Networks (SGN). 

Having won the Ektron All Stars award for the Dockwalk.com site in 2008 our Ektron Consultants have also been awarded the Web Marketing Associations 'Best Magazine Website 2009 for the new Dockwalk site.

We have experience in working with the latest Social Networking functionality built into Ektron and enhancing it with bespoke development.  Ektron was selected as a partner as its core offering  was a good feature rich Content Management System with plenty of Web 2.0 modules and the new Social Networking features. Using the CMS functionality a content rich site can be built relatively quickly by our Ektron Consultants. Ektron Taxonomy, ratings and comments add functionality to articles.

Why Ekron?

Ektron’s Version 9 Web Content Management System is a fully scalable, enterprise and easy to use CMS platform. Ektron can be used to build sites for mobile, social and web through from microsites to enterprise websites in multiple languages. Ektron provides a rich feature set which includes:
• A Fully Responsive CMS, for development of Responsive Design driven sites in an ‘Omni-Channel’ approach to Digital Marketing. Prebuilt Responsive out of the box templates and Responsive Design features for image resizing and device recognition are present within the CMS.
• Ektron provides ‘Personas’ to create highly personalised targeted content to web or mobile site visitors
• Search engine support for multiple engines including SolR Search and Microsoft’s FAST Search
• Integration through Ektron’s ‘Digital Experience Hub’, a comprehensive API data transport layer to integrate with other systems. Pre-built connectors include SharePoint, Salesforce, Dynamics, Marketo, Eloqua, multiple analytics platforms plus many more
• Multi-variance Testing & Targeting through Ektron’s prebuilt MVT solution built into the CMS to test and target content to Ektron site visitors
• A feature-rich library to easily tailor a site to a wide range of requirements, including eCommerce, blogging, forums, social networking and geo-mapping
• Latest .NET solutions, with Webforms and MVC compliance, making this one of the first platforms to provide this level of .NET flexibility
• Efficiently managing and displaying large amounts of content “data”, content blocks which can be reused throughout the site
• Strong structured taxonomy and tagging to categorise content and information. Present content in a non-hierarchical fashion
• Powerful Page Builder which allows editors to control page layout and use of “widgets”
• Solid WYSIWYG editor requiring minimal training.
SharePoint integration


Our Work

We have customised Ektron and used the API's to amoungst other things:

  • Integrate Google Maps for producing directories with map search facility.
  • Use XML and Ektron to manage the directory entries which can also be exported as XML back into Quark to produce print directories.
  • Introduce Itinerary functionality allowing users to post not just where they are on a map but also an itinerary of where they will be on certain dates.
  • Google Mapping extends the “Find Friends” to look for friends who maybe in a certain place on a certain date with Ektron’s built in messaging allowing the users to communicate.
  • Ektron’s blog posts and a bespoke Photo and Video Gallery can be mapped to an Itinerary so that users can follow other users around over time and locations to keep track on their travels.
    The "Who - Where - When" principal.
  • Integrate Microsoft CRM into directory and membership functionality.
  • Integrate banner advert systems driven off Keywords, Ektron Taxonomy and Location to serve highly targeted banner traffic.
  • Display home page User Generated Content with Active Members, Latest Blogs, Videos and Photos
  • Add user rating systems to categorise the Ektron Membership based on completeness of profile, number of photos, videos, blogs friends etc

Please visit our Web Based Systems Clients page to view examples of Web Based Systems we have developed using Ektron. 

AMT has Ektron trained developers in house if you would like to know more then please contact us.