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We are committed to managing projects properly, meaning we can deliver projects on time and within budget. To learn more please see our development approach.


Interested in SharePoint? We offer support and consultancy, along with help migrating and installation.  Click here for more information on our services.


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Project Server Consultancy & Development

The Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution is an ideal product for organizations that require standardization between projects and project managers, centralized resource management, or higher-level standard, regular reporting about projects, programmes and resource utilisation.

To achieve strategic objectives, organizations are increasingly managing their activities and processes as projects in essence, projectising their business to monitor performance more closely and make better business decisions about their overall programme of work. By using standard templates for planning and tracking projects, organizations can respond with greater flexibility to the changing demands of their business environment.

 Benefits of Project Server

  • Unified Project and Portfolio management
  •  Accountability and control with governance workflows
  •  Standardise and streamline project initiation
  • Select the right portfolios that align with strategy
  • Easily build Web-based project schedules
  • Intuitively submit time and task updates
  • Gain visibility and control through reports and dashboards
  • Simplified administration
  • Extensible and programmable platform

See the full benefits of Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server in your business. Proven in practice by millions of companies worldwide, these platforms provide stable, versatile tools to boost flexibility and efficiency.


Business focused

Your business issues lie at the heart of all the work we do with SharePoint and Project Server. This means we must first understand how you operate and what benefits our work should bring to your company.

In fact, you'll find our initial conversations focus on how you work rather than what technologies we use - because ultimately, we're aiming to provide training and consultancy services to improve business operations.


What we can offer

  • Envisioning and planning workshops
  • Installation services
  • Product customization
  • Project Management consultancy
  • Training
Expert developers
Our in-house development team has many years' experience of working with SharePoint, Project Server and related tools and technologies. Having successfully delivered a diverse range of systems for many clients, we can bring our experience and technical skills to bear on your business.

Learn about our development approach

See our Project Server homepage.

Please visit our SharePoint and Project Server clients page to view examples of projects we have completed using Project Server.