Client Case Study


Design and development of the new corporate website and power distribution site on the 8.01 Ektron platform.

In 2009 SSE launched an ambitious project to totally redesign and redevelop their main Corporate Websites, the main forum for distributing company and project information. The objective was to produce the best in class corporate website, combining great design and web optimisation with a high level of functionality.
A sophisticated and forward thinking design was created in collaboration with a leading design agency with a number of novel features. In particular:

  • The navigation system was multi-facetted, with headline items spanning entire sections of the site and fly-out panels giving in depth information about the company.
  • Microsite management allows content managers to quickly add new ‘sub-sites’ giving information about specific projects.
  • Sophisticated Investor Analysis Tools were integrated into the site structure.
  • Investor Alerts, emailing latest market news.
  • Content Management features were designed to allow content editors to quickly produce consistent, visually attractive pages.
  • The sites were to be developed using Ektron 8.01, SSE’s core Content Management System (CMS). Ektron is an based CMS that provides a complex WorkArea allowing editors to manage the whole site’s content. AMT Evolve’s developers have many years of in-depth technical knowledge of Ektron, having produced a variety of complex sites based on this platform.

Content Management

A key requirement was to allow administrators and editors the maximum amount of flexibility to change the site whilst ensuring a consistent look and feel.
To achieve this, a series of components were built to display image galleries, personnel lists, document libraries, calendars of events and video galleries. Using these widgets alongside a series of templates, editors can produce complex pages that are formatted correctly and that have built-in complex functionality.
Of course, to ensure a high Google ranking, the site features full URL aliasing and full management of metadata and page titles. There is also close integration between the Ektron Content Management System and Investor Tools, giving up to the minute investor and project information.

AMT Evolve built a solution for site administrators to add and manage assets to their interactive Flash based map which then displays and filters all of SSE’s assets and projects. The solution allowed SSE content editors to manage all assets without any knowledge of Flash.


Microsites are a key feature of the design. Using templates and microsite functionality that we created in Ektron, new sites can be added and linked into the main website with a few clicks. These are fully formatted, and every aspect of the site can be modified to suit the particular project. By keeping the same design formats, all of the sites have a consistent look and feel, giving a high level of professionalism with little technical knowledge required from the editor.

Mobile Version

Investors are one of the key groups that the site is targeted at. The mobile version gives a simplified interface that captures key investor information taken directly from the main website, optimising it for mobile devices. The site editors are able to maintain this site with almost no additional effort.

The Result
The outcome to the project was a highly polished site that puts SSE ahead of the competition. It’s a site that shows how you can combine great design, complex functionality and a mature CMS to produce a stunning end result.



SSE Logo

SSE is a leading electricity and gas company, with around 10 million customer accounts mainly in the UK and Ireland. The company delivers power to around 3.5 million homes, offices and businesses via overhead lines and underground cables.

  • ASP.Net 3.5 Website
  • Ektron CMS 8.01
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Investor Data Integration
  • AMT Generic Content Widget
  • Email Alert Service
  • Mobile version