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We work with many types of organisation, large and small. Our Sharepoint Consultants can discuss different options and work out what is best for you. Delivering Microsoft Sharepoint support and Office 365 solutions.

Flexible SharePoint Consultancy

Our consultancy service is always tailored around your needs. We will take time to talk with you to understand how SharePoint needs to work for your office and business.

Professional Microsoft SharePoint Consultants

The wide range of projects that we undertake has helped us hone the way our Microsoft Sharepoint Consultants deliver work to give a friendly and professional collaborating approach to Sharepoint services.

Microsoft SharePoint Consultancy services tailored to your needs

Our SharePoint consultancy service is always tailored to suit your needs.  Whether you need just one day or 20, our consultants will talk with you to understand how SharePoint needs to work for managing your business.

Once a clear path of action is agreed, our consultants and Microsoft SharePoint developers will immerse themselves into your SharePoint system, ensuring the solution is not only quick but effective and high quality.

Plans of action may include:

  • Analysing yo​ur existing SharePoint system to ensure it’s set up in the best way
  • Migrating an older version of SharePoi​nt to gain the benefits of SharePoint 2013/16
  • Reviewing your deployment to ass​ess if costs can be reduced​
  • Creating new site templates, workflows or apps to meet business needs
  • Training and support for staff to ensure all of SharePoint’s capabilities are utilised

Top Microsoft SharePoint Consultants

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, thats why most of our business comes from repeat customers. If you are an IT manager looking for a consultation on SharePoint services we are ready to help. We have so much intelligence, experience, and integrity to deliver the smoothest projects on time and in budget. We allocate a dedicated resource who is assigned to your project from start to finish.

We understand the needs of IT managers. Our management consulting services are solution focused so that the development of Microsoft SharePoint services shape the digital transformation of your business. We are focused on the latest in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 technologies in the cloud and offer many value-add services including consulting, development and support. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer support and technical staff to bring huge savings and value to our clients by helping them onboard to the cloud.

We become your friendly partner using the power of technology to build cutting-edge solutions that are the perfect fit for you. We work with companies across the board providing complete solutions for small, medium and enterprise organisations, including businesses, government and non-profit organisations.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online can give significant savings in hardware and software costs, and makes ongoing maintenance much simpler. By letting Microsoft take care of your infrastructure, you can put your energy into developing the platform and giving a great experience to your users.

SharePoint Online is part of Office365, and integration with Outlook Online, OneDrive and Yammer is getting tighter all the time. This means that SharePoint can become a fully integrated storage solution that your users can access from anywhere.

Tools like Delve, based on the Office Graph, are also starting to provide real benefits that only cloud computing can give.

SharePoint Mobile

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