On Premise

We can help you to plan and commission your new hardware and then work with you to migrate your structure and content to the new environment.

SharePoint Online

We are experienced in moving on premise SharePoint onto SharePoint Online. We will work with you to get the best out of the cloud infrastructure.

Office 365

We can help you to move your organisation onto Office 365, including migrating emails and files. We will advise and train on Office 365 best practices.

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Migrating SharePoint

Moving to SharePoint or upgrading from old versions needs careful planning. There are a variety of needs to be considered: disruption to users, training, moving business processes. An upgrade is also a great opportunity to review your current systems, make some improvements and clear out redundant data.

At AMT we are experienced in helping organisations through this process. We can carry out pre-migration checks to gauge where difficulties might lie, and recommend tools to make the process easier. We can then either carry out the migration or oversee the process, giving you confidence that it is being overseen by experienced specialists.

Understand The User Experience

SharePoint, like any IT system, needs careful planning to make sure that end users have the best experience. Every organisation is different and has different requirements. That said, there are core principles that apply to most SharePoint systems that we know make things work for end users.

Because we have worked on many systems for all sorts of company, we can give examples and recommendations of what might work for you. Being able to see something that has been built before can be the quickest way to get you users to engage with the design process, and time spent in this planning phase can give many rewards further down the line.

We are flexible in the way that we work – whether you want us to sense-check your plans and offer advice, or need us to take over the whole process, we’d be delighted to talk to you.

SharePoint migration cycle