AMT's wide experience of building and running database systems makes us the perfect partner for helping scope and design your new system.

Fit for Purpose

Many databases are over-engineered – many cannot cope with the load placed on them. Because we work with a complete range of complexity of database systems, we are well placed to advise you on your setup.

Best Practice

Our SQL Server consultants fully qualified and work on the whole range of SQL Server editions. AMT Evolve is ISO9001 certified, and we hold the Microsoft Gold Partner accreditations for Data Analytics and Data Platform.

Systems that Work

AMT is involved in the complete process of system design, from infrastructure to software development. Our database consultants know what is needed from a well designed database.

Database Server Management

Expert Design

Building efficient databases is a fine balance between ensuring performance is fast, but that money isn’t wasted on excessive hardware and software licences.

We work on systems as small as single server websites, through to distributed databases running across multiple countries. This gives us a high level of insight into what works and what doesn’t, and we can make sure that your systems will give you good support while not blowing your budget.

Impressive Credentials

Our credentials are impressive. For example, with CarweB we have developed the most accurate vehicle database in the UK. This database contains over 60 million vehicle records, is updated nightly from multiple sources, and delivers over 50,000 searches an hour, 24 hours per day. For resilience, this runs across two locations, each server being synchronised automatically. Each request takes an average of 150 milliseconds.

If you need your current systems reviewing, or need a system developed that will have a complex database at the core, give us a call.

Database files