AMT will deliver a SQL Server health check that looks at your whole SQL Server environment to assess how well it meets best practices in terms of configuration, performance, disaster recovery and security.

Configuration Checks

Check storage, memory, processing power and other resources are correctly configured.
Check that SQL Server itself is correctly installed and configured with options set appropriately.


Identify badly performing queries and suggest ways to improve them.
Identify hardware bottlenecks.
Review indexing and identify other database design issues.

Disaster Recovery

Review current backup plan and provide recommendations.​
Suggest failover or high availability options.

SQL Server Audit

Comprehensive Report

We work through a comprehensive list of checks that has been constructed over many years of running clients’ SQL Server Systems. This forms the basis of a thorough report into the current state of you servers, along with recommendations for remedial action and improvements, and traffic lighting as to the urgency of fixes.

Experienced Consultants

Our consultants are all very hands-on – running multiple SQL Server platforms for clients and developing new systems as part of their day-to-day roles. This experience means that they come across a wide range of scenarious and implementations, from single server web sites to large farms replicated across different continents.

As well as checking the integrity of your systems, they will be able to chat with you about better ways of organising things and make recommendations about how to simplify and rationalise, or improve security and resilience.

Database audit