"Little and often" - make sure that your database is there when you need it most.

Draw-down Support

The best maintained systems can run into problems on occasion. AMT can give you the reassurance that you have experts on hand when you need them most.

Routine Maintenance

It’s easy to take your databases for granted. a monthly or even quarterly maintenance schedule can keep things running smoothly.


To give you early warning of problems, we will set up automated monitoring of your servers, databases and backups allowing quick action to be taken before things go wrong.

Database maintenance

Quality and Experience

AMT Evolve is ISO9001 Certified and a Microsoft Gold Partner. We take quality very seriously. Years of experience have taught us that the best way to keep databases up and running is regular, routine maintenance. Too many systems are taken for granted and then, when things go wrong – a disk fails, some data gets corrupt – panic ensues!

Simply having an expert log on every month, taking a look at performance and log files, applying updates, checking backups are running, many problems can be averted. AMT perform this vital service for many companies, giving them piece of mind that their databases are running as they should.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Over the years we’ve had to deal with many situations caused by a lack of routine maintenance. Unfortunately, when things go wrong with databases, it is often when the stress on them is at its highest – when you need them most!

In addition to routine maintenance, we can talk with you about how to make things more resilient, replicating across additional servers, or about how to add more capacity. Often this can be a simple case of making what you have work more efficiently without the need to add additional hardware.

In many cases, we can reduce costs by simplifying setups and retiring servers that are simply not needed.

SQL Server Databases