2020’s Top 5 Blogs

2020 blog posts

This year has been a whirlwind for everyone and new working styles have been adopted by all. To help businesses with the transition, AMT wrote many blog posts to share valuable and essential knowledge.

Here are the top 5 from 2020.

SharePoint Mandatory Read Module

Mandatory Read Module

The SharePoint Mandatory Read Module allows administrators to assign specific documents to a group of users, forcing the users to read them and confirm that they have done so. This blog post explains more.

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Joining as a New Starter in a Global Pandemic

Joining a company as a new starter is never the easiest process at the best of times. But imagine joining a company during a global pandemic! Dan explains how this went for him when he joined AMT back in July, and the tools that helped him do this.

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Your SharePoint Migration Guide


SharePoint Online enables a faster, reliable, compliant and USER-FRIENDLY intranet platform. In this blog post, we explain how to migrate from a fileshare or SharePoint on premises, onto SharePoint Online. 

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External Sharing in Microsoft Teams

Over the last few months many organisations across the world have turned to MS Teams and other online platforms to do their work. The need to collaborate (external sharing) and meet with people outside your organisation still exists, so how can you do this?

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Microsoft Teams Security: The Forgotten Human Factors


There are lots of articles praising and explaining the technical features behind the Microsoft Teams Security but are we forgetting something?  What about the people using it? See what other factors you should be taking into account in this blog. 

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