60 Second Briefing: Microsoft Whiteboard


Microsoft Whiteboard is a freeform digital canvas on the Surface Hub where people, ideas, and content come together.

Get the best out of intelligent inking:

Along with a standard set of ink colors, Whiteboard includes new eye-catching ink shades, a highlighter, and a virtual ruler which give you more flexibility, emphasis and precision than a physical whiteboard. Smart ink technology like Ink to Shape and Ink to Table automatically turn drawings into standard shapes so your diagrams, flowcharts, and lists become cleaner and easier for everyone to understand. Whiteboard also comes with a virtual lasso that lets you drag and resize content so it’s easy to manage your ideas, and keep things organized for the team.


Bring in the power of the web:

Bing search is built into Whiteboard, so you can perform image searches directly from within the app – no physical keyboard or separate web browser necessary. You can then select images to place on your digital canvas and annotate on top of them. Whiteboard serves images licensed with Creative Commons first, so you can share your work without having to worry about copyright issues.


Work together even when you’re apart:

Whiteboard allows for collaboration between Surface Hubs within the same organization so you and your colleagues can work together in real time, whether you’re standing next to each other or working from different parts of the world.* Fast, fluid ink lets you see who is adding content to your team canvas in real time, and makes brainstorming with remote colleagues feel like you’re in the same room. Sharing is also made super easy – simply send a copy of your whiteboard via email or save it directly to your OneDrive account.

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