60 Second Briefing – What are Office 365 Groups?

O365 Groups

If you have a project and want to quickly create a place to share files and collaborate with colleagues, Office 365 Groups might fit the bill. Anybody can create a group, which contains:

  • Calendar;
  • Document Library for storing files;
  • Planning tool for organising tasks;
  • OneNote notebook for recording general notes;
  • Conversations for your team to consult and collaborate.

Your company will need to decide when it is right to use Groups and when to use SharePoint Sites. Groups are great for quickly getting up and running with no input from IT, but they are invisible to people who aren’t members, and so any knowledge that is stored there will not be available to the rest of your organisation.

Office 365 Groups Overview

For a quick overview, see this video from Microsoft.


To create a group,
 go to ‘Mail’ in Office 365 and click ‘Create’ in the Groups area.

Office 365 Groups