60 Second Briefing: What is Yammer?

What Is Yammer
Yammer is a private, social networking space for office 365. It can be used for members of an organisation to get updated on certain jobs, start threaded conversations and search for information across the board. Essentially, it could be seen as a tool that will reduce your work emails.

Yammer can be accessed from the Office 365 app launcher and the user interface is much like other social networks, such as Facebook. In fact, it is often referred to as ‘Facebook for Business’.

Office 365 Yammer

You can create groups based on teams, projects or topics of interest that can be easily navigated and can be made public or private. Conversations within these groups are then threaded so you won’t get lost in the conversation – preserving the context.

People search and file sharing.

Information (and people) can be searched within organisations and across departments with The People Directory. The People Directory automatically creates a searchable database that includes every person within that particular yammer network, and their skills, so you can always find the right person for the job.

File sharing can be done with ease on Yammer by attaching them to a post, or uploading them into a file repository where other people can download and update.

All in all, Yammer is a tool that enables employees to connect, communicate and collaborate.