60 Second Briefings


When a business moves over to Office 365, it is very common that only a few apps get used. This could be because the business simply doesn’t have a use for the whole collection of apps, or because they do not know what is available to them.

AMT have written a series of blog posts over the last couple of years, to outline each of the apps (and a few extras) in Office 365. These blog posts are just brief outlines of what the app does and how it can be used within your workplace. If you need a hand understanding how the apps work or want to see them in action, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. In the meantime, the posts are listed below.

Most of these apps can be built on and developed to become a powerful system, fit for your business processes. Have a look here for ways in which AMT can work with Office 365 and your organisation, to boost productivity and communication.