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Oooooohh, is that SharePoint?

Oooooohh, is that SharePoint? How often do you hear those words? As a SharePoint Consultant, I tend to hear, “Ugh, SharePoint!” But what if you could hear joy in people’s voices when you mention the Sh-word? I’m here to tell…

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60 Second Briefings

When a business moves over to Office 365, it is very common that only a few apps get used. This could be because the business simply doesn't have a use for the whole collection of apps, or because they do not…

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How to Reduce Azure Costs

Azure Analysis Services is Microsoft’s solution to deliver enterprise-grade business intelligence models effectively with the scale, flexibility, and management benefits of the cloud. When Analysis Services is configured properly, it can be an affordable way to process complex data and create easy to understand…

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Column Formatting Web Part

When a client asked me if they could colour code the documents in a library, I wanted to provide them with a relatively easy solution. Little did I know, at that point, just how easy it would be!  Microsoft Column Design Feature …

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