Copy Files from OneDrive for Business to SharePoint

Copy from OneDrive To SharePoint banner
A new feature that makes it easy to copy files from OneDrive for Business to SharePoint is being rolled out. OneDrive is the ideal place to keep temporary files that don’t need to be widely shared. Once they become an official part of a project or need to be stored in a structured way, SharePoint is the place to put them.To copy a file from OneDrive for Business to SharePoint:
  1. Select your files, and click ‘Copy To’:
Copy from OneDrive To SharePoint2. Choose your destination SharePoint Library from ‘Choose Destination’.3. Click ‘Copy Here’ to start copying the items.Copy from OneDrive To SharePoint 2 Note that, currently, there is a 50MB limit on the size of files to be copied. This restriction should hopefully be removed in the next few months.Also, scripting must be turned off for personal sites. If this is not the case, contact your administrator or click here for further information.