Digital Transformation: How can it benefit your business?


It is quite clear that in today’s world, everything is going digital; from the music we buy, to the way we shop, to the way we run business. Digital transformation is everywhere.

There are many reasons as to why businesses are going digital, however there are three main factors that are the biggest transformation encouragers:

Unlocks Value

Going digital improves collaboration and communication, not just with customers and partners, but employees too. It also allows better reporting and analysis of a business, therefore corporate information can be accessed and understood a lot easier than ever before.

Generates Urgency

Digital transformation increases agility and improves time to market and value.

Improves Financial Results

Being able to view and analyse a business more thoroughly, increases the ability to redirect focus onto top priorities, such as profitability or customer growth.

Although technology is quite a new ‘concept’ in the grand scheme of things, it is now well developed and mature enough to be able to make a transformation valuable and easy.

Competitors. Every business has them and if a business doesn’t do something quick enough, another will overtake and if not, completely disrupt. The same goes for digital transformation. Many businesses are now transforming to digital, therefore this is an encouraging factor for businesses that have not yet moved over.

Side note: What are your competitors doing?

There are four points of a business that digital transformation can dramatically improve within a business:


Digital transformation enforces customer acquisition and loyalty by creating a personalised, new experience that is highly favoured.


Team productivity gets strengthened by digital transformation as it supports mobile teamwork and flexible lifestyles. This means that it reinvents productivity and enables the data driven culture.


The cloud platform optimises operations and accelerates responsiveness to drive business efficiency – transforming processes and skills.


By using intelligent technology to innovate products, processes and business models, new revenue opportunities can be created.

How can you achieve Digital Transformation?

Microsoft, as a leader of digital transformation, aims to “improve business outcomes through the use of digital technology.” One of the main digital transformation enablers – Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise – was created in order to facilitate this digital transformation through cloud technologies. AMT has produced a number of blog posts that run through each app included in Office 365, as well as having a dedicated team that are Office 365 experts. Our job is to help you use and understand how you can apply these tools to enhance your business. Find out more, here.

In the business world, digital transformation is running the show and causing a storm. When done properly, digital transformation can really change the way your business works by enhancing the customer relationship, along with making the business more compatible for the digital future and empowering employees to work more efficiently.

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