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Leading Edge Security

Take your security and compliance to the next level with Office 365 – maximum control, privacy and transparency.

Get Organised

Learn how to use Office 365 to get structured, consistent document storage for your business with world-class search and discovery tools.

Control your Processes

Quickly implement business processes using Office 365 to simplify the way your organisation runs.

Office 365 and SharePoint can be used for a multitude of different systems. Many clients request recommendations for a good “off the shelf” Document Management System and are then surprised when we inform them that they’re already paying for one! SharePoint Document Management works for any business.


Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform. In conjunction with Office 365, it makes managing content, documents and workflow streamlined. Along with this, adding in the metadata functionality means that you can structure and organise your company information easily, making the search a lot quicker.

With Office 365, you can control data security and lower compliance risks and costs. 


Nowadays, people share information inside and outside of organisations on a regular basis. With our expert knowledge and Office 365 data loss prevention, we can help keep sensitive information protected – without affecting productivity. 


Office 365 provides solutions such as Customer Lockbox, Advanced eDiscovery, and Advanced Data Governance to help you reach compliance obligations and reduce costs and risks. These are all things we can help you get to grips with to secure your business. 

Ultimately, Office 365 provides a vast amount of tools to help manage your company information and documents. We can help you plan how to use these tools, and how to implement them into your business.


Training will be required to get things moving quickly and properly. Our training is carried out by consultants who work with the tools that they train. As well as taking you through structured training, they can answer questions about how the systems are used in real life and relate to your particular scenarios.


Often, training forms part of the collaboration that we share with clients. By giving the client good skills, a lot of the development work can be done internally with AMT’s consultants adding value in the design and core development phases.



Our trainers our part of our friendly team and will take time to ensure that all of your delegates make good progress through the syllabus.


Our trainers are all experienced consultants, used to working with the tools they are training on day-in day-out. They will give you the low-down on how the tools work in real life.


Our courses are tailored to your requirements. Most of our on-site courses have space allocated to cover areas of importance to you.

Fancy getting into the depths of Office 365, with development and automated workflows, that’ll make your business processes seamless and more efficient?

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