Get Started with OneDrive for Business

OneDrive For Business

We have put together a handy introduction to OneDrive for Business.

OneDrive for Business is the professional version of OneDrive – Microsoft’s cloud storage system for files.

Start here – 2 minute overview of OneDrive for Business:

OneDrive For Business

OneDrive is your personal storage space for files. All files that you save here are safe, secure and backed up. Nobody can see them apart from you, unless you choose to share them with somebody. And all previous versions of the file are stored automatically.

OneDrive synchronises to your local PC’s drive, so you can work on files very easily. However, you can also access files on your phone, or from devices at home.

Open OneDrive for Business

To see your files, login to Office 365 and find OneDrive in the top menu:

OneDrive Menu


Your files will be displayed. Notice that you have a folder called “Shared With Everyone”. If you put a file in here, everybody in your organisation will be able to see it.

OneDrive files

If you have synchronised your OneDrive for Business files to your local computer, you will be able to see the same set of files in File Explorer. Synchronising copies all of the files to your hard disk drive, and makes sure that any changes you do here are copied back up. If you haven’t yet synchronised the files, click on the Sync button above “Files”:
OneDrive Sync


You can find your files in File Explorer:

OneDrive Sync Files

Although it is easy to work with documents in File Explorer, you get many more options by logging into Office 365 and using the web browser.

OneDrive Options

Using these options, you can:

  • View or edit the file in the browser, without even having Microsoft Office installed;
  • Share the file with other people. This option will send an email with a link to the file. You have the option whether to allow the recipient to edit the file or just view it. You can even set a date when the link will expire (which is more secure than sending an attachment!)
  • View the version history of the file. OneDrive for Business stored every version of the file that you work on, and you retrieve any previous version.


OneDrive Share

Sharing a file

OneDrive Version History

OneDrive Version History

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