How Office 365 Can Solve 5 Common Issues

How Office 365 Can Solve IT Problems

1. I don’t want to keep flicking between windows to share my documents with people.

If you read our blogs, you will notice that a word that pops up a lot is collaboration. Microsoft LOVES collaboration. From sharing files to working together at the same time on one document, one of Microsoft’s main drivers is collaboration. Co-authoring lets you work on the same documents, that are stored in the cloud, with others. One of the apps that allows this is Word 2016 when you can see the other person making changes in real time. Microsoft one click sharing In terms of sharing, Office makes it easy to quickly share your documents and stay on the same page with the ‘share’ button included in the apps. With this, you can invite others to edit your documents and you can also view and change permissions depending on who you want to access the document.      

2. I’ve just lost a crucial bit of work and I didn’t save it!

As well as being able to view changes being made in real time, you can track changes with the integrated activity feed and version history tab. These ensure that you do not lose any hard work. You can refer to older versions or revert to a previous version of a document if needed. document tracking  

3. I’m not in the office but I need to access work files.

In today’s society, many people work on the go, or work from home. Office 365 is designed for people who work like this too. This means you, your employees and colleagues can stay productive, wherever you go. Office 365 is fully supported across all devices, so whether you need to access something from your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can do what you need to do.


4. Are my documents safe in the cloud?

Office 365 uses a defence-in-depth approach to provide industry-leading security for our datacenters and customer data. Microsoft also give enterprise-grade user and administrative controls to further secure your IT environment. Please click here if you would like to know more about Office 365 and Security. Office-365-apps

5. I just need to talk to my colleague about a document with NO hassle.

There are so many ways to communicate in Office 365 and, in fact, new ways to communicate are still evolving.  A few ways to communicate in Office 365 include pinging an email over in Exchange, Yammer, Office Groups and Skype for Business. A lot of these communication methods are integrated into other apps.