Integrating PowerApps into SharePoint


Integrating PowerApps is a good way to increase functionality within your SharePoint environment and this can be done in different ways. There are two different ways to present your PowerApp in SharePoint. Your requirements and your app will determine which method you use.

Microsoft PowerApps WebPart

Microsoft provide a PowerApps webpart as standard for any Modern SharePoint page. This can be found using the webpart search function:

This webpart has a single required field which takes the PowerApp’s web link or ID.

The details of your PowerApp can be discovered by navigating to the Microsoft PowerApps site and selecting … => “Details” on your PowerApp.

Populating the Web link or ID input box will automatically load the PowerApp into your page.

The main feature to note when embedding the PowerApp this way is that the app will be 819.9px x 460.8px. If you’ve produced a portrait PowerApp, the app will only be 460.8px tall.

In this screenshot, the PowerApp is a portrait canvas app and is only the red area.

iFrame embed

The alternative option is to use HTML code to embed your PowerApp. There is no out-of-the-box webpart that will allow you to use iframes to embed external pages in your SharePoint Page, however, AMT have produced the AMT Script Editor webpart that will enable you to do this:

The webpart is simple enough, add it to the page and click “Edit snippet” to allow you to enter your own HTML.

Using the Web link that can be found on your PowerApp’s details page, add the following HTML, replacing [[PowerApp Link]] with the link to your PowerApp and potentially entering your own width and height values.

<iframe src=”[[PowerApp Link]]” width=”100%” height=”700px”></iframe>

Publishing the page will allow you to see your embedded PowerApp.

Using AMT’s module will allow you to determine the PowerApps height and width manually, which will give you much more control over how large your PowerApp appears on the SharePoint page.

Contact us for more information and help on how to integrate SharePoint and PowerApps.