Manage My 365? What is it?


Here at AMT Evolve, we deal with many clients to try and help in a wide variety of problems. Over time, it becomes clear that there are certain pain points when it comes to our clients and maintaining and managing their Microsoft 365 environment. These pain points range in a variety of different areas within Microsoft 365, and often fall on the lap of an existing IT team, who are already busy, such as: 

  • Supporting staff in day-to-day Microsoft 365 tasks. 
  • Maintaining a tidy, secure, and compliant tenancy. 
  • Managing user access and permissions. 

Not only have we seen a pattern in the problems faced by our clients, but we have seen a lack of efficiency in the way the issues are handled. Often, issues are raised that should have been spotted sooner, or repeat support is required on performing tasks. 

These are just some of the reasons for why AMT have produced the Manage my 365 service. Its aim is to provide a proactive approach to managing and maintaining your tenancy, alleviating the growing pressure on your IT team, whilst maintaining a high-quality environment that allows your staff and business to succeed. 

What does it include?

Highly flexible to suit your business needsManage my 365 comes in three tiers: Pro-Active, Enhanced, and Guardian; each tier providing you with an increasing level of service. From top to bottom, our service includes: 

  • Microsoft 365 Administration 
  • Microsoft 365 2nd Line Technical Support 
  • Microsoft 365 Monitoring 
  • Monthly Usage Reports 
  • AMT Academy 
  • Direct End User Support 
  • Monthly Onboarding / Upskilling Training 
  • Retention and Sensitivity Label Management 
  • Teams & SharePoint Security Group Management 
  • Security Alert Monitoring 
  • Quarterly Security Audit 
  • Quarterly GDPR Audit 

What sets AMT apart?

Aside from the obvious in what is provided above, we think what sets us aside from the rest, in keeping with our proactive approach, is both the AMT Academy, and our monthly onboarding / upskilling training. 

AMT Academy is a rich resource, abundant with high quality, informative video tutorials and guides on how best to use your Microsoft 365 tenancy. This, as well as the included training, ensures that your employees and new starters are kept up to date with best practice on how to use your products, giving you peace of mind that all your staff are getting the most out of the tools they are using. 

As well as training, the abundance of information provided to you through not only the reports and alerts, but the support provided, gives you complete oversight on how your tenancy is being used. Any potential security and compliance risks are raised and mitigated before they can become a problem, allowing you to shift your focus on to maximising efficiency and growing your business. 

Last note...

AMT’s mission has always been to drive business forward by utilising the tools available to you within Microsoft 365, and we believe the Manage my 365 service provides yet another tool you can use in doing so. For more information, and a personalised quote in how AMT can help maximise your business efficiency, please click the link below:

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