A Microsoft Teams Governance Piece

Take back control of your Microsoft Teams environment with easy to use management tools.

Request a Team

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool, but left to itself, it can quickly get out of control.

Manage My Teams is a Teams governance piece that lets you control the Team creation process. Teams requests come to a group of administrators, and are enhanced with searchable metadata. This metadata can also be used to trigger review and deletion of the Team, helping you comply with GDPR policies.

The built-in approval process gives you control over which Teams are being created – preventing sprawl.

And new teams are created using pre-built templates, giving consistency.

The Request a Team App is available from Teams and SharePoint.

Teams Management 1

Teams Search & Information

Ever struggle to quickly find the Team that you need?

The Search app provides a searchable, sortable list of all Teams. This includes additional metadata, channels, owners, members, created date…

All of this information is fully searchable; you can find teams based on department, location, category, all defined by using simple SharePoint lists.

Users can add favourites and navigate directly to a Team/Channel from within the App.

Teams Governance

Simplify your ability to manage your Teams environment. Quickly look through all of the Teams in your tenancy and check that they are in use and relevant.

Teams that are produced through the App will have tags and a review date, and so can be easily managed.

Teams created directly, not using the App, can have metadata applied to make them easier to search and manage in the future.

All of these features mean that you can easily manage team creation and deletion, keeping all Teams in your organisation, within process. Teams governance made easy.

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Take back control of your Microsoft Teams environment.

If you would like to find out more information, or see Manage My Teams in action, drop us a message and we will get back to you.