New Look for Outlook will be getting a new look in the next few weeks as Microsoft roll out the new mail experience to all users and launching new beta experiences in Calendar and People.


Updated Skype Integration

Now that Skype integration has been improved, it will be easier to chat in real-time from your inbox. You can carry out multiple actions on one screen. For example, sending an instant message or a free video call as well as being involved in multiple conversations.

Outlook Skype Integration

Improved category organisation

There are two greats thing about categorising your inbox. One is that it keeps you organised and the other is that it is personal and unique to you. It suits your style. You can add a name or colour to any message which makes it easier to filter.

Outlook Category Organisation

Personalised Inbox

By clicking the gear in the top right corner, you can access quick settings, which will allow you to personalise your inbox with one click. Not only can you manage your focused inbox, but it also enables you to change the theme of your inbox and also change the way conversations are displayed.

Simplified add in experience

Add-ins bring your favourite apps into your inbox so that you can do things quicker. Services like Evernote, Microsoft Tranaslator, Paypal and Trello can all be added directly into your inbox, giving you more fluidity to carrying out your day to day tasks.

Outlook Add In


Look and feel

Taken from the mail experience feedback, Calendar now has a new look; a modern, clutter-reducing, faster way to get around the Calendar app. As well as this, there are now loads more event icons to choose from so that you can easily identify your events with just a quick glance.

Simplified event creation

Need to create a new event? You can now do this without having to open a new window. Just click ‘new event’ and add your event details in.

Calendar Event Creation


Refreshed profile card

This new feature allows you to edit, view and create your contacts in an easier way. Look and feel now matches the profile cards which are now being introduced across most Microsoft products. In every app, if you hover over the person’s name, the profile card will appear, giving you quick access to your contact’s information.

Expanded contact information

Along with basic contact information, you can add in other details such as birthdays, personal notes and social media profiles.

Enriched people and mail integration

It’s also now easier to send an email or start a chat directly from the People view. You can find recent conversations and attachments from a specific contact and see all the photos they have emailed you at a glance.


These ‘calendar and people’ updates are only available in beta for the moment. If you would like to opt-in to the beta, here’s how.