Office 365 Admin Update – February 2017

Office 365 security

We are embarking on a series of Webinars to show people some of the great features of the Microsoft Cloud. Our first will be on Tuesday 14th March at 1pm, and we will be giving a whistle-stop tour of Groups, Teams and Yammer. Click Here to sign up.

AMT’s Monthly Office 365 Updates keep you up to date with new features and important announcements from Microsoft. Office 365 has a continuous roll-out of changes. We filter out the announcements that we think will be most relevant to our customers, and send them out in an easily digestible form.

Reminder: Microsoft are removing Windows Azure Active Directory Synchronization for Office 365 from April 13th 2017.

Sharing OneDrive for Business Documents

The ability to quickly share documents from SharePoint or OneDrive is a great feature. Your document stays where it belongs, and people get a link to it rather than cluttering up their inbox with another attachment. You can revoke the link whenever you want to stop people seeing the document. You can even share a folder.

The email that is sent when you share a document is being updated to provide more information about what is being shared. A copy will no longer be sent to the person who is sharing the document. The email will now be sent from the sender’s mailbox, meaning the recipient can reply to the email.

There is a video explaining how to share documents and folders here.

Dyslexia and other Accessibility Needs

You may not be aware, but OneNote and Word Desktop have some really clever features to help people with dyslexia and other special educational needs. Screens can be decluttered to make reading easier, and text spacing, ‘syllabification’, and a read-aloud features can all be used to help students to concentrate and read more effectively.

These tools are now also being added to Word Online and OneNote Online.

Read more.

learning tools word online

Security and Compliance

The Security and Compliance Center in Office 365 Admin is something that we mention a lot in these bulletins. It is a collection of tools and information that you can use to reassure yourself that your Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure is safe.

Should you need to report on the measures that Microsoft has in place to protect your data, there is a new Service Trust Preview, or if you don’t have this yet, look at the Service Assurance Section.

Office 365 Service Assurance

Microsoft Teams to be Generally Released

Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 version of Slack, the messaging/chat app used by many businesses. It has had very good reviews since it was released in preview mode last year, and gives teams the ability to quickly create channels, invite people, and have conversations, share files and so on. It overlaps with Yammer, but is aimed more at closed groups who want to interact on a project, rather than Yammer which tends to be aimed at cross-company communications.

It is now being rolled out to all Office 365 users on Business Essentials, Business Premium, and Enterprise E1, E3, E4 and E5 plans.

To find out how to manage access to this, click here.

Threaded conversations in Microsoft Teams

We’re now just waiting for Microsoft to enable users from outside of the organisation to join Teams – promised for the first half of this year!

Improved File Management in Modern SharePoint Libraries

The Copy/Move functionality in modern SharePoint Libraries is a vast improvement from that in ‘classic’ libraries, making it far easier to copy files between SharePoint sites and back to OneDrive for Business. This has been improved further. You can now create a duplicate copy of the document in the same place (hurray!), and files up to 500MB can be copied.

Also new is the ability to download multiple files into a .zip file.

SharePoint Framework

The SharePoint Framework enables developers to build tools that sit on top of SharePoint Online, creating workflows and connecting to other services. We have been evaluating this in Preview over the last few months, and it is a good step forwards in making our developers lives easier!

The Framework is being fully released in the next few weeks.

Yammer Groups

Yammer integration continues… When a Yammer Group is created, a corresponding Office 365 group will now also be created. Group members will therefore be able to be managed in Azure Active Directory.

Visio Online

If you use Visio, Office 365 now enables you to share your Visio flowcharts and diagrams on the web. Your colleagues will be able to see them using any browser on any device.

And remember …. Focused Inbox

This replacement for Clutter is now rolling out… See last month’s bulletin.

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