Office 365 Admin Update – January 2017

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The “Office 365 Updates” bulletin proved extremely popular in 2016, keeping our clients up to date with new features and functionality in Office 365. As a result, we are splitting the monthly bulletin into an Administrator version, covering technical aspects of running Office 365, and an End User version, which will give users information on things that are changing on Apps such as OneDrive, SharePoint and Mail. If you would like your end users to receive these updates, either ask them to register using the form below or contact us to supply a list of your users.

AMT’s Monthly Office 365 Updates keep you up to date with new features and important announcements from Microsoft. Office 365 has a continuous roll-out of changes. We filter out the announcements that we think will be most relevant to our customers, and send them out in an easily digestible form.

What’s New in Office 365 Admin Centre

The new style Office 365 Admin Centre is now the default view for all users. During December, a new OneDrive for Business admin centre was released allowing easy control of sharing, sync and mobile access. Microsoft Teams and GigJam (Sharing App) had new Admin Sections added, and further additions were made to the Service Health Dashboard. This is a new dashboard that is currently in preview, making it easier to view outages, incidents and advisories. It will be rolled out to all admins during February 2017.

OneDrive Admin CentreNew OneDrive for Business Admin Centre

Click here for more information.

Office 2013 No Longer Available for Install

A reminder that Office 2013 will not be available for download from the Office 365 Portal from 1st March 2017, and support will no longer be available. If you still have users on Office 2013, you are advised to upgrade them to Office 2016 before that date.

Conditional Access by Network Location for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business

You will shortly be able to specify approved network ranges for access to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. Once this is configured, all access to these systems will be blocked from unknown locations.

Data Access Updates

Microsoft have updated their list of subcontractors who have access to Office 365 data. The rules that are in place for data access are stringent. Full details of the measures that are in place to protect your data can be found here.

Simplified Sharing from OneDrive for Business

Simplified OneDrive Sharing

Simplified OneDrive for Business Sharing

The user experience for sharing from OneDrive for Business when working in the browser is being simplified, rolling out during February. It allows users to choose their method of sharing – emailing or copying a link to the clipboard – more easily.

View Historical Versions of Office files

Office 365 automatically stores a history of your files’ changes while you are working on them, whether it is in SharePoint, OneDrive or OneDrive for Business. New functionality has been added to make it easier to view changes and restore previous versions. Click here for more information.

Office365 Activity Feeds

Office 365 Activity Feeds

Update: Calendar Events for Groups

Outlook Groups are a great way for users to quickly set up a collaboration space for a team, with a calendar, tasks, notebook, files and conversations.

Outlook Groups

Outlook Groups are a great way for teams to collaborate

A feature has been added so that all members of a Group will receive a calendar event in their inbox when a new event is added to the calendar. This will make it easier for members to keep track of things happening in their projects.

‘Send as’ and ‘Send on behalf of’

‘Send as’ and ‘Send on behalf of’ permissions for Groups can now be configured in the Exchange Admin Centre. This allows members of the group to reply ‘on behalf of’ the group:

Send as group

So for example, if you want all expense reports sent to a Billing department alias rather than bombarding a specific person, you could set up a Billing group. can be set up as a group to receive all your organisation’s billing inquiries. Individuals who work in the billing department and are a part of this group can respond back as the Billing department identity.

Downloading Multiple Items

You are now able to download multiple items from OneDrive for Business or SharePoint. Files will be downloaded in a zip file.

 Office 365 Groups Integrated with SharePoint Online Team Sites

Office 365 Groups are being improved by creating a SharePoint Online Team Site for every group. This brings a new home page, news, notebook and recently active content.

Groups have also been given a new menu bar, bringing together all of the features that were available into an easy to navigate site.

Outlook Groups SharePoint Site

Outlook Groups SharePoint Site

Yammer Group Types

Integration work between Yammer and Office 365 is progressing at Microsoft. To help prepare for closer integration, Yammer will be changing its group types. New types will be:

  • Public Groups – available for anybody in the organisation to join;
  • Private Groups (Listed) – only the admin of the Group can grant approvals to new members;
  • Private Groups (Unlisted) – only the admin of the Group can grant approvals to new members.

This change more closely aligns the permissions to other Office 365 concepts.

Yammer Usage Reports

The Office 365 Admin Centre has a growing number of reports to let you see how Office 365 is being used in your organisation.  A new report is currently being released to show which devices people are using to interact with Yammer.

Focused Inbox

Focused Inbox is a refinement of the popular Clutter feature in Outlook. Rather than moving emails into the seperate Clutter folder, Outlook will give two tabs – “Focused” and “Other”. Users will be able to quickly switch between these tabs.

As an administrator, you can control the roll-out of this feature. You also have tools to ensure that business critical emails always land in peoples’ Focused tab.

Users will be given an in-app prompt asking them whether they want to opt in to Focused Inbox, or stick with Clutter.

Focussed Inbox

Focused Inbox

And remember …. SharePoint Mobile Apps

SharePoint is now available as an app for Android and Windows 10 devices, to join the iPhone app already released in preview. These give you quick access to your intranet and team sites, easy search for documents and people using Delve, an Activity View showing you what has recently changed, and many more useful features to help you keep up to date when you’re on the move.

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