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Office 365 Data Management

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Microsoft has industry-leading tools for processing and analysing large volumes of data. Whether you're dealing with sales transactions and customer data or managing complex processes. Or maybe dealing with massive 'Internet of Things' data sets, you need to be sure that your database is reliable and accurate. SQL Server, Analysis Services, Stream Analytics, PowerBI and Azure Data Explorer are just some of the Office 365 data management technologies that can give you real insights.

Data analysis and dashboards

Get data into the hands of those who need it, in real time

SQL Server Auditing

Sleep better at night knowing your data is safe

SQL Server Development

Build your database into a powerful tool for your business

Data Analysis and Dashboards

Microsoft has come of age with its Office 365 Data Management tools.

Get access to industry leading, enterprise grade data processing servers, hosted by Microsoft on a pay-what-you-use basis.
office 365 data management SQL Data Warehouse

SQL Data Warehouse

A comprehensive cloud managed service that combines lightning-fast query performance with industry-leading data security . SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) moves into the cloud...

office 365 data management SQL server

SQL Server

The premier database engine: innovative security features, industry-leading performance, mission-critical availability, and advanced analytics to all your data workloads, now with support for big data built-in.

SQL Server Auditing

Get a second pair of eyes to give your database the once-over.

OK, we've seen some horror stories - the Database Server in a cupboard, the tape drive still in its box....

But even the best designed systems can have issues that don't rear their heads until the worst possible time.

AMT evolve has developed a hundred-point checklist that our experienced consultants can use to give your database a thorough MOT, and help you sleep better at night!

SQL Server Development

We've been developing business systems for clients since 2004, and have designed critical systems for some of the biggest names in the UK.

SQL Server is at the heart of our custom development. Fast, robust, secure, and, importantly, easy to manage.

And with the advent of Azure Services, you can now have a fully managed SQL Server system, hosted and managed by Microsoft, without having to invest in expensive server/security hardware.

SQL Server deserves its place at the top table.

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