Office 365 IN business: Account Managers


You are probably aware by now that Office 365 can cover every aspect of your business. Whether that’s in construction, transport or the fashion industry – there’s a place for it. So how can you use Office 365 IN business?

Paddy Martin is part of our Account Manager Team here at AMT. As a Senior Account Manager, he explains how he uses the different apps within Office 365 to help with his working day.

Office 365 in action

Up early this morning as I’m on a flight up north for a big SharePoint Intranet launch with one of our lovely clients.

The travel and accommodation has all been booked by Sally after I sent her a message in the clients Teams site. The links etc that I’ll need for the day have all been put in that site as well so I know exactly where everything is.

At the airport I have a few minutes to spare so I whip out my shiny Surface Pro (newly repaired after I dropped it while trying to stow it on my bike ☹) and make a few calls on Skype for Business. One of the clients I speak to wants to know when we have the resources lined up to build their PowerApp Appraisals system. A quick look into Teams and I can see on the Teams Shifts app that we are due to start next week.

‘You have a new message’

We arrive in the sunny north of England and get a cab straight to the hotel. In the cab I check my mobile and the Teams App has a notification telling me that I have a chat message and a Team message. The chat message is just a good luck shout from the office in Portsmouth. The Teams message is from the client we are going see with a link to the full agenda for the day that has been dropped into the Team for that client so everyone associated with the Team has easy access to it.

The day with the client involved us showcasing the AMT SharePoint Intranet to all the end users, and it went down really well. At lunchtime I had a virtual meeting with another client to give them an update on where we are with their project. We used Teams for the project so I was able to screen share the Microsoft Planner pages that showed all the current activities, what has been completed and a couple of blockers. Then back to the showcasing through to the end of a busy day.

Want to see Office 365 in YOUR business?

If you’re interested in how Office 365 can fit into your business, give us a shout and we’ll schedule in a half day consultation where we run through how your business works, and how you could make it better. Click the image below for more detail.