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Office 365 Information Management

Work revolves around documents. Creating them, storing, sharing, securing, finding, and deleting them. Document management is at the core of millions of office workers day-to-day work. SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Outlook Groups and OneDrive for Business all offer different ways to manage information. By using these together, you can give your staff a rich, interactive working experience, while keeping better control of your valuable information assets.

Document Management

Use Office 365 to bring your document management into the 21st Century

Data Governance and GDPR

Automate compliance using intelligent services, making GDPR Compliance a doddle


Move your files and emails to the cloud, safely and with minimal downtime

Document Management Packages

Using the Microsoft Cloud, you have access to scores of tools to help you manage documents.

Office 365 Information Management gives you a rich environment to help your team work in new ways.
Office 365 envisioning

Office 365 Envisioning

Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Outlook Groups - amazing tools, but where do you start? Our envisioning workshops can lead you through what to use and when.

Office 365 training and workshops

End User Workshops

For a more personal approach, we can work directly with your teams, showing people how to work with documents on Office 365 and helping them get up to speed.

Using Office 365 for Data Governance and GDPR

Good data governance is more important than ever before. Keeping track of personal information, protecting commercially sensitive information, keeping track of important documents - information management demands are growing.

SharePoint is a thoroughbred Document Management System, and Office 365 has added enterprise grade tools for protecting your information.

Learn how to implement GDPR and Data Protection with Office 365.

Migrate to the Cloud

Perhaps the biggest change management project you'll do.

Creating, finding, editing, sharing documents is at the core of most people's day-to-day work.

Although the current way of doing things may not be great, changing it needs careful handling.

That's why we treat Migrations as Change Management projects, working with your users to get their buy-in and supporting them during the move to the cloud.

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    Office 365 is packed with security features


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