Office 365: For an Office Manager


When talking about Office 365, we could list all the benefits it brings to the workplace. From enabling collaborative working to document management – Office 365 has your back! However, it’s all good mentioning all the features, but how does it fit into a business? and in this case, an office manager role.

Tracey Lloyd-Jones is our Admin Queen (General Manager) at AMT Evolve. Since joining AMT in 2003, her main focus has been making sure that the Development Team are organised and their time is used efficiently and productively. She is also responsible for the Finances and HR of the Company, as well as the day-to-day running (of the business… not actual running – although she does that too!)

In this post, Tracey tells us how she uses Office 365 and its features to keep the business organised and productive by making efficient use of her time.

Over to Tracey…

Writing a blog post about my day-to-day is quite a challenging task and not as easy as it sounds, but here is a simplified version of how Office 365 helps me!

My day can be unpredictable sometimes, chops and changes are frequent, but it usually starts with a cup of coffee and an email check (like most). I do this on my phone or on my tablet – sometimes at home but mainly in the office. Office 365 means I can be both reactive and proactive at the same time, wherever I am.

In the office, I have face to face meetings with the team each day. In these meetings, we talk about projects that are being worked on and resolve any problems or blockers that there may be. However, due to client visits and working from home, sometimes these meetings are held through conference calling and Teams messaging.

Office 365 connects all my tasks

Office 365 connects all my tasks in a very efficient way. I will sign into my device using my Office 365 credentials which then opens up a suite of Productivity tools. Some of these tools include SharePoint, Outlook, Skype, CRM, Planner, Teams, Delve & Power Platform. This is all great as I am not always at my desk so being able to access all areas of the business, anytime, anywhere makes my time much more flexible.

Another feature that is essential for a General Manager like me, is versioning in Office 365. Versioning on documents held in the cloud means that I can be confident that I am working on the most recent Excel or Word file, so I really can be anywhere. It also means that I don’t have to keep track of document versions, so if someone needs to add in some information, it will all be collated in the same document.

I often find myself searching for contact numbers or certain reports that I need for an important meeting. For tasks like this, Delve is my friend! Not only does it save A LOT of time, it also allows me to save items for later, either by adding them to my favourites or adding them to a board.

Office 365 for an Office Manager

This is only a tiny insight into my daily use of Office 365. There is so much more to it. However, in an ever-changing day where challenges can evolve quickly, and planned tasks need to be reprioritised and reorganised, I am confident that wherever I am or need to be, I can communicate efficiently with my colleagues to get the job done before moving on to something else.

If you would like to find out more about how Office 365 and SharePoint can transform your business, ping us a chat, give us a call or send us an email and our team will be happy to show you what you can do with it!