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Office 365 gives you access to industry leading enterprise security features

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Enterprise-grade Office 365 Security Tools available to every organisation

Every company using Office 365 immediately has access to some of the best security tools on the market. With hundreds of millions of pounds invested by the biggest software company in the world, Microsoft's security and data protection tools give you a high level of control over your data.

Office 365 security services

AMT evolve offers a range of security services to make sure your information stays safe.

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Security Audit and Strategy

Get your environment looked over by an Office 365 Security Expert, and receive a strategic improvement plan.

Office 365 Security Management

AMT evolve can manage your Office 365 security, performing routine updates and audits.

Data Protection

Data Loss Prevention

Automatically identify documents and communications that contain sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or health records. Create and manage policies for your organisation.

Rights Management

Protect documents and emails from falling into the wrong hands. Advanced encryption that only allows people with the right permissions to access the contents.

Retention and Protection Labels

Labels give your users a simple way to set retention and deletion policies on a document, and to classify its level of sensitivity, preventing sensitive information from leaving your organisation.

Threat Protection Solutions

Microsoft Exchange Threat Protection

Enterprise-class protection against Spam, Malware, and other know external threats. Exchange Online Threat Protection gives security and reliability to your email environment.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Helps protect against sophisticated threats hidden in email attachments and links. Defends against zero-day threats, ransomware and advanced malware attempts.

Office 365 Cloud Application Security

Get enhanced visibility into your Office 365 usage, and identify high risk/abnormal usage, security incidents and evolving threats. Set up detection policies and controls.

Compliance Solutions

Compliance Manager

Manage your security compliance activities with Microsoft Compliance Manager, combining pre-built self-assessment templates with action lists, covering ISO-27001, EU-GDPR, ISO-27018 and other frameworks.

Customer Lockbox

Put you in control if a Microsoft engineer needs to access your content to fix a problem. Customer Lockbox adds you to the workflow for Microsoft to access your data.


Respond to GDPR requests or internal investigations quickly. Find sensitive information across your organisation, and place legal holds on content that's relevant to an investigation.

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