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Office 365 Updates: July 2019

Office 365 Updates: July 2019

AMT’s Monthly Office 365 Updates keep you up to date with new features and important announcements from Microsoft. Office 365 has a continuous roll-out of changes. We filter out the announcements that we think will be most relevant to our customers and send them out in an easily digestible form. Here are the Office 365 July updates.

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Office 365

New Feature: Activity Highlights in the File Hover Card 

Microsoft are adding Activity Highlights to the File Hover Card. This feature shows relevant activities related to files you’re working on. If someone you work with edits, comments or @mentions you, Microsoft will show that activity in the File Hover Card and provide a link so you can jump right to the relevant activity.

Gradual rollout to Targeted Release customers in early July of 2019, and the rollout will be completed worldwide by the end of August.

New Feature: 360-degree image viewer in SharePoint and OneDrive for business 

With this feature in place, customers will be able to view 360-degree photos in an interactive, panoramic manner, directly within SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, when the photo is clicked on for detailed viewing. 

Any 360-degree photos uploaded after this feature goes live (basically ones marked with a projection type of “Equirectangular”) will be detected as such. 

Alternatively, users can manually tag their 360-degree photos to end with “.360.jpg” or “.360.jpeg” to force activation of the 360-degree viewer, for those particular photos. 

Plan for change: New Windows updates settings in Intune 

Starting with the August release to the Intune service or 1908, Microsoft are adding in new “Deadline settings” which you can configure instead of the “Allow user to restart (engaged restart)” settings. Microsoft plan to disable the engaged restart settings in the UI in 1909 or the September update and then completely remove them from the console towards the end of October. 

New Feature: Automatic Phishing Detection in Microsoft Forms 

Microsoft Forms is a simple, lightweight app that lets you easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls. In order to make Forms a more secure service, Microsoft are going to enable automatic phishing detection to help prevent customers from losing sensitive data via phishing forms.

New Feature: Replace and Trim videos without breaking existing links 

Owners and admins will be able to replace existing uploaded videos or live events with a new video file maintaining the URLs, embed links, title, description, view counts and likes. Additionally, a new flow for trimming an uploaded video or live event will be available directly in Stream. 

Microsoft will be gradually rolling this out to customers in mid-August, 2019, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of November, 2019. 

Additional information 

Feature Update: Office 365 Client Licensing and Activation Improvements 

Users will still sign-in to activate Office on their devices, and if single sign-on is enabled, Office will automatically pick up the credentials and activate Office. 

As part of your subscription, users can still install and activate Office 365 apps on up to five PCs or Macs, five tablets, and five smartphones. Previously, users who reached this limit were prompted to deactivate an existing install before activating Office on a new device. Going forward, Office will automatically sign the user out of the user’s least recently used device when the user exceeds the limit, eliminating unnecessary friction. 

Additional information 

New Feature: Push notifications on iOS and Andriod for customised messages in Intune

Messages will appear as standard push notifications from the Company Portal app on an iOS or Android device. Notifications can be customised with free text and can be used in situations like: 

· Alerting specific users about a new app that’s available in the Company Portal. 

· Notifying all employees of a change in schedule, such as building closures due to inclement weather. 

Microsoft recommends not using these notifications to send sensitive or urgent communications at this time. 

Additional information 

New Feature: Save for later on Files 

Save for later allows users to keep documents that are interesting to them in an easily accessible list across Office 365. The Save for later command is accessible on files within Personal and Shared Libraries. Documents Saved for later are accessible from the Saved tab in OneDrive on Web. 

screen capture of Documents Saved for later

Microsoft will gradually roll this out to customers in early August. The roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of September. 

Additional information 

New Feature: Per-Site Anyone Link Expiration Policy 

Currently, administrators can require all links that work for anyone (also known as anonymous links) to expire after a set number of days (between 1 and 720). 

The new feature will allow administrators to customize the expiration length on a per-site basis. Using this feature, admins can override the tenant policy and set a more or less restrictive expiration policy for specific sites. 

This functionality will only be available via the SharePoint Online Management Shell for our initial release. We will bring this to the modern SharePoint Admin Center in the near future. We’ll be gradually rolling this out to all customers in late July, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of August. 

Additional information 


New Feature: Teams @-less mention

Users might see an auto-suggestion list for people to mention as they are typing others’ names.





Roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of July.

New Feature: Send Feedback to Microsoft Teams 

Users will have an option to send feedback to Microsoft. The new feature will be available under Help > “Give feedback” 



Microsoft will gradually roll this out in early August, and the roll out will be completed by the end of August. 

Additional information 

New Feature: Teams Channel Cross Posting 

Channel cross posting is a new capability that enables channel conversation authors to select more than one team/one channel to publish the conversation. 



Microsoft have gradually started rolling this out to all customers, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by early August. 

New Feature: Assigning a package of policies in Teams to users based on their roles

This new feature will enable Teams admins to easily assign a group of policies that are packaged based on the role of the users. Users with the same license, but different roles can have industry relevant or segment relevant policies with package assignment instead of tweaking individual policies. 

Microsoft will gradually roll this out to customers in mid-August, 2019, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by mid-September 2019. 

Additional information 

New Feature: Teams Channel Moderation 

Team owners can turn on moderation for a channel to control who can start new posts and reply to posts in that channel. Team owners can also add team members as moderators. These channel moderators can also control the settings and give moderator capabilities to other channel members. 

Microsoft have started to roll this out, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of August. 

Additional information 

New Feature: Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Safe links in Teams 

ATP Safe Links for Teams checks that the links people click on in Teams are safe. At the point that a user clicks on a link we will check to make sure the link is safe. If the link is flagged as malicious, we will take the user to a block page. All links throughout Teams including in chats, channels, and tabs are protected. 

If you are a tenant that has an Microsoft/Office 365 E5 or ATP P1/P2 license you can set up a policy to enable ATP Safe Links. 

Microsoft will gradually roll this out to licensed customers in early August, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of August. 

Additional information 

Feature Update: Teams Global CsTeamsMeetingPolicy update and lobby support 

Microsoft are changing the AutoAdmittedUsers setting to “Everyone” in Host:Global (pre-defined out of the box global tag provided by Microsoft). 

Any tenant who does not have tenant:global as its global tag or have users who are not assigned an explicit policy will be impacted by this change. 

That means, by default, there is no lobby in the meetings scheduled by them. 

Additionally, meeting organisers now have the ability to define the lobby experience, on a per-meeting basis, via Meeting options: 

Updates to the AutoAdmittedUsers default value will start rolling out at the end of August. 

Additional information 


New Feature: Bulk Approvals in SharePoint Online 

Once available, users can select multiple items and approve or reject them at the same time. 

Microsoft will gradually be rolling this out to Targeted Release customers in early July and the roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of September. 

Additional information 

New Feature: SharePoint Site footer for Communication sites 

SharePoint Communication sites will have an out-of-the box footer control, which can be controlled either using UI elements or by using APIs. 

Microsoft have started rolling this out to customers in mid-July, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of July. 

Additional information 

Updates to SharePoint page and news authoring 

Five SharePoint authoring enhancements are scheduled for deployment. 

  • Drag and drop files to the canvas. SharePoint authors will be able to upload images to the Canvas using drag and drop. SharePoint will automatically add the file viewer and upload the file to the document library. 

  • Link preview. We’ve also added a rich preview for links pasted into the text editor to embed videos from Stream and YouTube links or images with title and description from other links. 

  • On page anchors. SharePoint will support anchor links, which allow readers to jump to a specific part of the page. 

  • Undo/Redo. SharePoint authors will have the option to undo changes prior to saving or publishing. 

  • Vertical sections. Modern pages can now have vertical sections. 

Microsoft will begin rolling out these enhancements in Targeted Release during July 2019, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of October. 

Additional information 

Updated Feature: Joining SharePoint hubs can be performed by site owners

Previously, associating with a hub site required site collection, admin privileges. We are updating this permission so site owners can associate their sites to a hub. This provides a more consistent experience across SharePoint. Hubs can continue to be scoped or set to public as before. No other changes are being made. 

Microsoft will gradually roll this out to selected customers in Targeted Release in early August. Worldwide roll-out will be complete by the end of September. 

Additional information 



Dynamics 365 – Microsoft Forms Pro general availability 

With today’s general availability of Microsoft Forms Pro, Microsoft are beginning to roll out the service to customers with the following Dynamics 365 Enterprise apps: 

  • Sales 

  • Customer Service 

  • Field Service 

  • Marketing 

  • Talent 

  • Project Service Automation 

Existing Microsoft Forms users who receive Forms Pro as part of their Dynamics 365 subscription will have the option to: Maintain the Forms experience; or Move to the new Forms Pro experience. Users can choose their experience by signing into the service and following the instructions on the Forms homepage. User subscriptions can also be individually managed by navigating to available product licenses in the M365 admin portal and utilizing the Forms Pro toggle. Please take note of the following : 

  • Forms and Forms Pro service plans will need to be enabled in order for users to access Forms Pro. 

  • Forms Pro will default to the existing Forms subscription configuration for users. 

  • Forms Pro rollout will occur in waves, and it’s possible some customers may not receive the license until mid-late July. 

  • Users can sign up for a Forms Pro trial during this interim period to access the service. 


What’s new in the Microsoft Intune Service Update for June 

Microsoft have introduced some changes that they’re excited for you to try out for example: 

· Configure which browser is allowed to link to organisation data 

· Assign scope tags to all managed devices in a security group 

· Windows Autopilot reset removes the device’s primary user 

· View all installed apps from new Company Portal web page 

Additional information 

What’s new in the Microsoft Intune Service update for July

Microsoft have introduced some changes that they’re excited for you to try out for example: 

· Customised notifications for users and groups 

· New configuration designer when creating an OEMConfig profile for Android Enterprise 

· Manage FileVault for macOS 

Additional information 


Reminder: StaffHub to be retired 

Microsoft Teams is evolving to include a new set of capabilities that will simplify schedule management and help deliver the tools for every worker to get the job done. 

As previously communicated in September, Microsoft will be retiring Microsoft StaffHub on October 1, 2019 and will be focusing their investments on Microsoft Teams. After October 1, 2019 users that attempt to log in to StaffHub will be greeted with a message directing them to download Microsoft Teams. 

To perform the transition from StaffHub to Microsoft Teams, we ask that you review the details below for pre-requisites related to user and data migration across Microsoft Teams and StaffHub. 

Additional information 


New Feature: Outlook on the web – New experience roll out 

Starting on July 22, 2019, the new Outlook on the web will become the default experience for Mail, Calendar, and People and the opt-in toggle will be removed. With this change users will not be able to move back or see the classic experience. This change will override the PowerShell command which previously blocked the opt-in toggle. 

Microsoft will start rolling out the new Outlook on the web as the default experience on July 22nd to Targeted Release customers, and following with non-Targeted Release customers on August 3rd, the roll out will be completed for all customers by the end of September 2019. 

Additional information 

Updated feature: New Outlook on the web – S/MIME availability 

If you have been using S/MIME in classic Outlook on the web, and you want to use S/MIME in the new Outlook on the web, once the feature is rolled out to you, you will need to update your S/MIME control by going to: Settings – Mail – S/MIME 


This update was rolled out worldwide, this month. 

Additional information 

Updated feature: Outlook for windows previews an updated shared calendars model 

The shared calendar improvements will be available via an early preview for Office 365 customers. 

This article and video detail the changes for people who share their calendar or who manage other people’s calendars. For more technical explanations of the changes coming to the Shared Calendar experience see Additional Information. 

The ability to preview the changes in Outlook for Windows shared calendar will roll out in the Monthly Channel update version 1907. In a few months, we plan to make the new model the default experience. 

Additional information 

New Feature: Discover Office files in Outlook for iOS 

By tapping the Search icon in Outlook for iOS, you will see a new area called Discover. This feed uses machine learning to provide quick access to Office 365 documents that are popular among people close to you in your organisation. 

This can include both documents that you have seen or may not have seen before through and email exchange and document collaboration in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office files that are stored in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. This way, you quickly find documents you already have access to, no need to search through email content as an example, now you can simply look through your Discover feed to get to the files you need. 

Discover will start to roll out on or after August 8th to Office 365 Monthly Channel customers. 

Additional information 

New Feature: Outlook on the web – new cloud doc sharing experience 

Outlook on the web is updating how you share cloud docs from OneDrive and SharePoint. Now when you paste a link for a OneDrive or SharePoint file in a message, it will replace it with the name of the file and the corresponding Office app icon. That link will also allow you to manage permissions for the file using a new sharing dialogue. 

Microsoft have started rolling this out to Targeted Release, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of September. 

Additional information 

New Feature: Outlook on the web – Authentication Session Management

Authentication Session Management allows you to control the frequency at which your users are required to enter their credentials. By default, the session lifetime is configured to a rolling window of 90 days. With this update you will be able to configure the timing of the authenticated sessions for your users. 

Microsoft have started gradually rolling this out, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of August 2019. 

Additional information 

Updated Feature: MyAnalytics Rollout – Dashboard, Email Digest and Admin Controls 

This rollout includes Dashboard, Email Digest and Admin controls. 

· The dashboard shows users statistics and productivity insights about their work habits 

· They will also receive a weekly digest in an email that gives them highlights about their previous week. 

·You can use Microsoft 365 Admin centre to set the default for access to MyAnalytics elements for all users. Users can change them at any time from their dashboard settings page. 

· The ‘excluded’ Privacy mode in MyAnalytics is being retired. Users whose privacy mode was previously set to ‘excluded’ will now be considered as ‘opt-out’. 

The Admin controls for MyAnalytics has started rolling out. The Dashboard and Email Digest will start rolling out to Targeted Release in early-August and will rollout to worldwide tenants in early-September. 

These features will roll out to all customers with Microsoft 365 E5, E5 without Audio Conferencing, E3, A3 for faculty/students, Business, Office 365 E5, E3, E3 Developer, A3 for faculty/students, E1, Business Premium, and Business Essentials licenses. 

Additional information 

Updated Feature: Outlook on the web – More controls for events from emails 

Users will be able to control which events are automatically added to their calendars and which events will display a summary card at the top of the email confirmation. These options are in Settings/Calendar/Events from email. 

Microsoft have started gradually rolling this out to Targeted Release, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by the end of September. 

Additional information 

Power BI

New Feature: New capacity settings allow for more control over datasets in Power BI 

Microsoft are updating the Power BI capacity settings to allow for more control over datasets. The settings will surface on the portal with default settings. Admins should be able to override the defaults with their preference to better fence their capacity from running into issues and avoid problems before they arise. Admins can set limits on max offline dataset size allowed range from 0.1 to 10 GB and/or set limits on queries to constrain noisy reports from impacting others and help create a predictable and performant capacity.

They’ll begin rolling this feature out soon. 

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