Office 365 Updates: September 2018

September Updates
Office 365 updates

AMT’s Monthly Office 365 Updates keep you up to date with new features and important announcements from Microsoft. Office 365 has a continuous roll-out of changes. We filter out the announcements that we think will be most relevant to our customers and send them out in an easily digestible form. Here are the Office 365 September updates.

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New Schedule Management and Home Screen Features coming to Teams; StaffHub will be retired.
Microsoft are pleased to announce that Microsoft Teams is evolving to include a new set of capabilities that will simplify schedule management and help deliver the tools for every worker to get the job done.

Because their investments in schedule management have been developed with Firstline Workers in mind, they’ve decided to retire Microsoft StaffHub and bring this capability in addition to a new Home screen experience, into Teams, making it the platform for all workers.

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New feature: Modern library content types and document templates in SharePoint Online 

Microsoft are rolling out a new feature in SharePoint Online that will allow adding document templates to a SharePoint library as any content type. Microsoft will begin rolling this feature out soon.

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New features: Outlook for Windows user experience updates and Coming Soon preview panel

Introducing multiple updates to Outlook for Windows. The “Coming Soon” feature offers a preview of new user experiences coming to Outlook such as a new, simplified ribbon and provides customers with the opportunity to try the experience at their convenience. Roll out of these changes out will begin over the course of the next few weeks.

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New feature: Opt-in toggle to try the early version of the new Outlook on the web 

Microsoft are releasing an opt-in toggle for users to be able to try an early version of the new Outlook on the web as we gather feedback and keep improving the experience. Users can opt-in/out as often as they want. Roll out for the opt-in toggle began at the beginning of the month to Targeted Release organisations initially, and then to all Outlook on the web users.

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Updated feature: Removal of footnote in group emails you are following in your inbox 

Microsoft are reducing clutter in group emails by removing the footnote in the emails you receive when you are following a group in your inbox. The footnote gave followers a direct link to stop following the group in their inbox. The footnote gave followers a direct link to stop following the group in their inbox. Following a group is the default value when someone creates a group but can be modified when creating it. Moving forward, if users would like to stop following a group they should do so from the group card.

Microsoft gradually rolled this out to Targeted Release organisations earlier on this month, with full worldwide roll out scheduled to be completed by the end of November.


New feature: Insight Services in Excel (Win32) 

Insight Services in Excel analyses data and its structure and automatically generates a series of recommendations and useful ways to make sense of the data, including high-level summaries, statistically significant findings, and recommended visualisations.

If you are an English language customer and a part of the Windows Targeted Release program, this feature is already available to you. On October 1, Microsoft will begin rolling this feature out to Office 365 organisations outside of the Targeted Release program as well as organisations in other regions, starting with the French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese markets.

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Updated feature: Email notifications and other Message Centre preferences for customised admin roles 

Customised admin roles will start receiving email notifications for message centre and can customise their message centre preferences based on what messages they want to see in addition to opting out of email notifications.

Microsoft will be rolling this out to Targeted Release organisations over the next few weeks. This feature will remain in Targeted Release for at least 30 days before it continues to be made available. Worldwide rollout should be complete for all Office 365 organisations by early October.

Microsoft are rolling out multiple improvements to Project Online 

After these changes takes place, your users will be able to:

– Change the way After events are handled in Project Online with Asynchronous After Event Handling. Project detail pages will load more quickly by using if they use add-ins that rely on After events. Work with the developer of your add-ins to see if you can benefit from this change. If so, change enable the new “Turn on Asynchronous After event processing” setting available in the Additional Server Settings page of your Project Online administration panel.

– Get back to work quickly during a Publish Job. We are changing the way the Publish function works in Project Online. Now, when a Publish job is started (either by the user pressing ‘Publish’ or a Project Detail Page triggering it), the user will be able to get back to work quickly.

– Start projects sooner with shorter wait times in the Project Create feature. We’ve moved the ‘Create Summary Resource Assignment’ task to a separate queue job.

These feature changes are rolling out now and the rollout is anticipated to be completed by mid-October.

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