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Microsoft have invested hugely in productivity tools for Office 365. Moving into a cloud environment gives a wide range of benefits.

Giving your users help and support when they need it makes a huge difference to adoption.

Make sure that you get maximum value from your technology with Office 365 user adoption services.

Onboarding and Support

Simple ways to support your users as they get to know Office 365.

Intranet Management

Keep your intranet up to date and working well for your staff

Training & Workshops

A range of training for all levels, from 2 hour quick-starts to full admin training

Onboarding & Support

Get buy-in from your team, and show them what 'good' looks like.

Ideally, introducing tools steadily over a period of time, with a clear rationale, brings people along with you.

People need to be shown the best ways of working, and all of those hidden features that can make their lives easier.

AMT evolve offers a range of Office 365 user adoption services that you can mix and match, from quick-start workshops, to drop-in sessions, floor walking and online/telephone support.

Intranet Management Services

1. Content Services

Keep news and company updates flowing, calendars updated, promote new policies and procedures.

2. User engagement

Getting users engaged in a company intranet can sometimes be a difficult task. Encourage engagement, gather feedback, promote new features.

3. Intranet Management

Keep your intranet running smoothly – manage new users, update permissions, analyse usage, highlight redundant content.

Training & Workshops

We offer a full range of training & workshops.

We have a wide range of training, from hands-on quick-start sessions to in-depth PowerUser and Admin courses.

We deliver strategy sessions that will give key decision makers an overview of what Office 365 offers, and facilitate discussions around its long-term value.

All of this is backed up by our online Training Academy, with hundreds of videos and guides available to your users, backed with telephone and email support.

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    Enhanced Security

    Office 365 is packed with security features


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    Manage data protection with SharePoint

    Business Intelligence

    Use your data to make better decisions

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