Office 365 Admin Update: December 2017


December Updates

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First Release is now TARGETED RELEASE The majority of users are in Standard release and IT Pros and power users are sectioned into Targeted release. This is so that they can evaluate new features and prepare teams to support business users and executives. microsoft targeted release


Updated feature: SharePoint Online rich text editor web part The new updated rich text editor web part now gives more control over how your text appears. From the simple toolbar within the web part, select the ellipses to display the broader set of choices in the edit pane. In addition to already available formatting options, you can now resize text and choose from a list of sizes, use strikethrough, superscript, and subscript text formatting, and use font and highlight colours for your text. Lastly, you can also create and edit a table with basic functionality. Roll out will be completed by the end of December.

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Updated feature: Recover deleted Office 365 groups from the Exchange admin centre You can now view Office 365 groups in a “soft deleted” state in the Exchange admin centre. You can hoose to restore groups that have been deleted for up to 30 days after they have been selected for deletion. If no action is taken by you, after having been marked for deletion for 30 days, groups will be permanently deleted and removed from the groups list in Exchange admin centre. If you are not currently a subscriber to Exchange Online and therefore do not have access to Exchange admin centre, you can also restore an Office 365 group using PowerShell cmdlets.


onedrive New features: OneDrive for Business for iOS In mid January 2018, Microsoft released updates for OneDrive for business iOS. These updates include: Drag and drop support – drag files from other apps such as iMessage into OneDrive and vice versa. iOS Files app support – Access, upload, edit and save your content to OneDrive or SharePoint from apps that support File app integration. Tagging your favourite OneDrive and SharePoint files is also enabled from within the Files app. Preview more file types in the app – OneDrive iOS creates high quality thumbnails and supports large previews for over 130+ file types. Find the files that matter – The new layout uses the screen space more efficiently to enable a quicker search. Universal link support – OneDrive for Business and SharePoint links to files and folders will now open directly in the OneDrive app.


OneDrive for Business Sync Tutorial New users of OneDrive for Business that setup OneDrive Sync Client will now receive a tutorial on uploading files to OneDrive, how to access content via the mobile app and sharing files with others. This will help you and your users become more familiar with how to use OneDrive for Business.


Microsoft To DoMicrosoft To-Do is out the bag! If you are configured for First Release, Microsoft To-Do is now on-by-default for users in your organization and your users will begin seeing To-Do in the Office 365 App launcher. If you are configured for Standard Release, Microsoft To-Do will be rolled out to the App Launcher in no less than 30 days.

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