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Oxford Biotherapeutics

Oxford BioTherapeutics is an international biotechnology company focused on developing innovative antibody drug conjugates to treat cancer.

The Brief

Oxford BioTherapeutics were looking to replace their existing SharePoint 2010 site that was externally hosted with a SharePoint 2013 on Office 365. This would lead to reduced cost compared with their existing externally hosted solution, and also simplify the maintenance of the system. They wished to make use of all features and functionality of the AMT Hub to give them a fully featured intranet for their staff without undertaking a large development project.

Oxford BioTherapeutics had very short and strict timescales for the creation of the system, including the creation of site structures and security model, to allow for the migration of content to take place before an additional year of external hosting needed to be purchased.

What we did:

Installed & Configured the AMT Hub: Standard Edition.

What we used:

Office 365 with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Designer & Client Server Object Model (CSOM).

The Result:

A dynamic SharePoint 2013 Intranet improving communication and knowledge sharing between all UK distributors.

The Work

Our consultant completed an onsite scoping day to assist in turning the client’s ideas and proposals into reality via The Hub.

We produced 3 different graphic design concepts to be reviewed within the organisation, ensuring that key personnel were involved in the process.

Following design selection, the AMT Hub was installed and configured as per requirements. In addition to core Hub modules, we put a number of additional features in place via additional consultancy days.

Site Structure, Content Types and Templates

These elements were created and approved in a short timescale, allowing for successful migration of content from 2010 to 2013.

Multiple Promoted Link Designs

Promoted Links, Quick Links and Admin Links were all produced on the site, some with Target Audiences applied. These required additional design templates so that a smaller tile could be created without the overlay on hover feature provided as standard.

Company, Programs, External Site

Bespoke lists created as an index to manage links to sites and documents, without cluttering the main Global Navigation Bar.

Managed Navigation

In accordance to Microsoft best practice, all Global Navigation was set to Managed through the use of Term Stores for all hyperlinks and URLs. This improved page load from an average of 7 seconds to an average of 2 seconds due to cached Global Navigation.

Training Materials and Company Wikis

Collection of internal training materials, Microsoft training materials and AMT training videos. Defined metadata in place to associate new documents with specific wiki pages, reducing complexity for administrators who manage these document uploads.

The Reaction

Our project stakeholder at Oxford BioTherapeutics was extremely impressed with our product and its delivery. A key feature of this was the speed at which his requirements were met and in which he

was provided a full intranet to review, allowing new developments to be reviewed as soon as they were implemented.

Due to the success of the delivery of The Hub, continued developments are ongoing to create bespoke features and functionality to assist Oxford BioTherapeutics further.

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