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Rexel UK is a Rexel Group Company, which provides Electrical Distribution, Maintenance, Automation, Environmental, Health & Safety, Construction Consumables and Personal Protective Equipment via its distributors, also known as Banners. Rexel UK moved to Office 365 and SharePoint after a decision was made that an alternative intranet solution competitor was not fit for purpose.

The Brief

The key requirement for Rexel UK was to produce an intranet that acted as a new internal communications channel, assisting in two way communications throughout the organisation and its banners. It was also key that all Banners had their own sites, thus creating a core intranet with five sub-intranets that remained connected.

What we did:

Installed & Configured the AMT Hub: Enterprise Edition.

What we used:

Office 365 with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Designer & Client Server Object Model (CSOM).

The Result:

A dynamic SharePoint 2013 Intranet improving communication and knowledge sharing between all UK distributors.

The Work

Our consultant travelled to the Potters Bar, London, to meet with both the Internal Communications Business Partner and the IT Business Analyst – enabling completion of an AMT Hub Scoping Document, with further emphasis on bespoke work due to the Enterprise Version being purchased.

Documentation and imagery taken from previous onsite meetings and workshops were reviewed to ensure the intranet met the needs of the business. Design and Layout were also defined, ensuring that the use of colour represented whether you were within Rexel UK or one of the Banners.

After installation and configuration of the AMT Hub and all modules, we were on hand to create bespoke pieces of work with the remaining draw down days, as requested from the client.

Promoted News

Our Featured News Module was configured to allow for each site to have its own set of News Articles, however, they could choose to set these as promoted and if approved, by the Head of Internal Communications, have this appear on the intranet home page.

Promoted Images Carousel

We also applied the same set of features and workflow to the Image Carousel as completed on the Featured News.

Responsive Yammer Feed

A core section of the intranet was to display Yammer feeds throughout the sites, as these were being used for discussions and blogging. As the AMT Hub pages are fully responsive, we had to ensure that Yammer would react in the same way.

Banner Training

We provided an onsite workshop with representatives of each banner, to allow them to understand the move between their less functioning intranet and the new AMT Hub. This was a hands on sessions to see how news and content could be generated.

Power User Training

We provided an onsite consultant for 2 concurrent days to lead our 2 day Power User training, to assist with the Intranet Managers day to day running and administration of Office 365 and SharePoint.

The Reaction

The overall reaction within the onsite workshop was extremely positive, as it was clear to see that users had started to struggle making use of the original intranet they had. We were asked lots of questions based on prior issues users had been having and were able to showcase how SharePoint made this a lot easier to use e.g. searching for documents with metadata.

Our core stakeholder was also really impressed with the final product as it allowed for Internal Communications to be delivered in a more interesting, dynamic and less time consuming way.

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