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wessex group

The Wessex Group is a collective of specialist companies that provide design, installation and maintenance services. These services cover all mechanical and electrical systems, inclusive of fire and security.

The Brief

Wessex Group requested the delivery of an intranet solution that was available for all employees, no matter which section of the Wessex Group they were working in. The Wessex Hub would primarily be used for knowledge sharing, however, additional modules would be introduced over time for HR and Finances.

What we did:

Installed & Configured the AMT Hub: Standard Edition.

What we used:

Office 365 with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Designer & Client Server Object Model (CSOM).

The Result:

A dynamic SharePoint 2013 Intranet improving communication and socialisation between office staff and engineers.

The Work

A visit to Shaftesbury took place to allow the requirements and scoping documentation to be completed. This enabled a meeting to take place between the Executive Director, IT Manager and IT Engineer of whom was going to specialise in SharePoint support and development.

Wessex Group provided their own graphics designers so were able to produce tiles, headings and logos to be used within the site, with a colour scheme take from the public facing website – that had already been through all approval stages.

A core element of the build was to work on a bespoke Phone Book to capture Contact, Social and Emergency details about each employee – which had to be permissioned accordingly. This required a great deal of testing amongst different browsers and devices as approximately 300 employees would have been engineers, accessing from mobile and tablet devices while out on the road, who would require a simple and usable design.

Photo Uploader

As part of the social aspect users were requested to upload imagery, to allow for putting a face to the name. As My Sites were not being used, we developed a bespoke uploader tool and form to allow this to take place – also incorporating the required responsive design elements.

Phone Book

A bespoke list was used to capture data that was defined by the Executive Director, grouping this data as either Contact, Social or Emergency information.

News Feed

Wessex Group were big fans of the News Articles, however, had a lot of daily news snippets that did not benefit from a full article and image. Therefore, a designed news feed was incorporated to allow for short notices, such as, welcoming a new staff member. This also ensured the site would be kept dynamic.


Wessex Group decided that the Image Carousel Module would be used to display imagery that provided a theme for the website, therefore, Halloween and Christmas images have been used throughout the year.


The new community sites were also investigated, allowing for bespoke areas to be setup for the Management Team, Staff Development Scheme and Apprentices – providing a location for questions, discussions and forums to aid in decision making and education.

The Reaction

Wessex Group ensured that their internal IT team put the system through some vigorous testing to ensure that it met all specific requirements that had been defined – specifically on Phone and Tablets, as this affected majority of their employees. This testing met all expectations leading to project sign off.

The Executive Director and his team were on board with our delivery methods, and were impressed with the speed in which a version of the intranet was setup for them to review – providing a real solution to look at versus documentation and concepts to imagine.

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