Alphabet is a leading provider of Business Mobility with both car and commercial vehicle funding and management expertise.

The Brief

Alphabet, runs a fleet of over 100,000 vehicles, both cars and commercials, with customers in both the private and public sector. Alphabet approached AMT Data to develop a portal system to enable their clients to assess and improve the environmental impact of their fleets.

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Design, development and maintenance of a double award winning secure environmental reporting portal for UK vehicle fleets.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008, ASP.Net, C#, XML

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High Usage Environmental Reporting Portal


The Work

Alphabet GreenCare allows fleet managers to view their whole fleet online, produce historical reports showing the change in CO2 and other measures over the last 5 years, and cross reference and drill down to find the vehicles with the most impact. The portal delivers live data grids and charts with low response times in a secure environment which has undergone stringent NTA Monitor Ltd penetration tests. Portal administrators can set up new customers with multiple office locations and assign individual user access rates at a company and location level.

‘What if’ scenario planning has just been introduced to help fleets plot how changes to their vehicle policies, such as changes of vehicle makes, limiting engine size or annual mileage changes etc can improve environment impact. Users can drill down to individual vehicles or models and substitute vehicles based on system recommendations to forecast the effect on emissions and cost going forward. Customers can also view the aggregated whole Alphabet fleet and their whole fleet side by side to provide benchmark figures for comparison, including displaying traffic lighting reports.

The Reaction

Alphabet GreenCARE has won two industry awards in 2010, the Fleet World Honours Environmental Award and Business Car Techie 2010 Award for Best Green Development, Suppliers.