Hughes Ellard are a full service commercial real estate advisor.

The Brief

Hughes Ellard were currently making use of CRM to manage their Jobs, Companies, Contacts, Opportunities and Lease Events, thus, also having these created as folders within the relevant SharePoint 2013 Document Library. Each category required sets of folders to be created which were currently manual, therefore, an automated workflow solution was requested.

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Developed Folder Creation Workflows

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SharePoint 2013 On Premise, SharePoint Designer & CITRIX.

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Search pages producing results as required & workflows to speed up the process of replicating document folder structures.


The Work

Our consultant completed an onsite scoping day to assist in turning the client’s ideas and proposals into reality via The Hub.

We produced 3 different graphic design concepts to be reviewed within the organisation, ensuring that key personnel were involved in the process.

Following design selection, the AMT Hub was installed and configured as per requirements. In addition to core Hub modules, we put a number of additional features in place via additional consultancy days.

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Originally administrators would need to create all folders manually as required, although seemingly not a big task, this was repeated on many occasions, therefore, a one click approach sped up the process and saved time to be used on more critical projects.

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As the creation of folders was managed by a Workflow it meant that all folder names were spelt correctly (no typos) as these had been reviewed. It also meant that the correct set of folders were created in the correct structure.


The Reaction

The team at Hughes Ellard confirmed that this approach was able to save time, it also assisted in SharePoint adoption as it directed users to the SharePoint User Interface versus making use of only synchronised files, therefore, they were able to appreciate other functionality provided by the SharePoint Platform.