PowerApps – Office 365 Group Filtered People Picker


In several situations there is a requirement to produce a people picker that stores information in a SharePoint list, but is filtered by Office 365 groups. Given a ‘SharePoint list People field’ can only be filtered by a SharePoint group, leveraging the Office365Groups connector makes achieving this goal simpler.

There is one major issue with using the Office365Groups connector, which is that the object returned by it is different to that which SharePoint uses.


Example PowerApp

For our example PowerApp, we will be working with a “Clients” list containing a title for the client name and a manger people picker field to store the client’s manager.

Adding these fields into a PowerApps form we get the following setup:

To get the form working in a simple way, we set the form’s Item property to be either “Defaults” or the last submitted item:

Our Save button just submits the form:

And the reset button clears it:

By default, the Manager field is populated with all SharePoint users.

To change this to use the Office365Groups connector we need to make the following changes:

Select the combo box and edit the “Fields” property to be “Double” instead of “Person”