SharePoint 2016 Power User

SharePoint Power User Training
This 2 day course is designed to lay a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills that will help you use and administer SharePoint Online and On Premises as part of Office 365.The course is a balanced mix of demonstration, discussion and hands on labs, where you will work with the product to build a working Team Site.


This course is aimed at SharePoint power users, super users and champions, or users who need to gain the skills to take on those roles.


Delegates who attend this course should be comfortable with using a web browser to navigate the World Wide Web. They should also have experience using Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 or 2013 applications, specifically Outlook, Word and Excel.

At Completion

After completing this course, you will be able to:• Create and manage a Team site in SharePoint 2016 • Create and manage the security of these sites  • Create and manage the addition of page content, webparts, libraries and listsNOTE: The skills and experience needed to design a Best Practice SharePoint intranet and to build the intranet from a design document do differ. This course will not give you the skills to design a company Intranet site as the skills required to design a suitable structure following best practice guidelines are gained traditionally through experience and often delivered by external consultants.