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SharePoint Module: Mandatory Read

SharePoint Module: Mandatory Read

 Need one of your team to read something important as well as having proof that they have read it? 

Mandatory read showcases the documents and/or pages that must be read by staff members. This can be configured for new starters and different permission groups (users based on a role), highlighting everything a new employee must read for induction and on-boarding and a certain role must complete.

The Mandatory Read module has proved extremely popular with clients using the AMT Evolve Enterprise Hub Intranet in a Box. It enables staff to be assigned a list of documents to read and then click a button to confirm they have read the document. This compliance module is ideal for staff to accept Policy changes and HR document changes, Induction training and equipment handbooks.

Keep reading for information on how it works.


Accepting a Mandatory Read Task

When a task is created, a SharePoint Mandatory Read Web Part will appear on the Intranet Home Page. This will be hidden when there are no tasks available for the user.

A user must first click on the link to the document. This will open the document in a new tab for it to be read. Once the document link has been clicked, the “Confirm” button will change from inactive to active.

A user must click on the “Confirm” button and accept the on-screen prompt to close the task. The task will then be removed from the list – if this is the last remaining task then the Web Part will then hide itself again.

Each time a user presses “Confirm”, a new item will be added to the Mandatory read Acknowledgement List for reporting purposes.


Adding a Mandatory Read Task

 Completing the Form 

It is advised that the user is working in multiple tabs/windows at this stage, this will allow for the copy of URLs from one location to another.

  • Navigate to the Mandatory Read SharePoint List
  • Click to add a new item
  • Fill in all required data within the form that appears

Note: The Mandatory Read Module will only support SharePoint Users & SharePoint Groups. Active Directory and Office 365 groups are yet to be supported. E.g. “Everyone” or “Everyone Except External Users” cannot be used.

Click Save once all fields are completed.

 Copying the Document URL 

Currently, SharePoint Lists and Libraries can be displayed within Classic View or the New Experience.

If you wish to copy a document URL from Classic View you must;

  • Navigate to the Documents location
  • Click on the Ellipsis Menu (. . .) and open up the Preview Panel
  • Select and copy the URL that appears

If you wish to copy a document URL from the New Experience you must;

  • Navigate to the Documents Location
  • Click on the Ellipsis Menu (. . .) and open up the menu
  • Click on Get a Link
  • Copy the Link that appears

Task – Status

Each Mandatory Read Task has a “Status” that is automatically defaulted to “Active”, meaning that the Task will appear for all defined users who are yet to complete it.

If the “Status” is set to either “Completed” or “Cancelled” then the task will not appear. It is recommended to manually set tasks to “Completed” once all users have performed their Read Activity. This will just safeguard the speed of your Intranet Page where the Mandatory Read Web Part is placed.

Please make use of the packaged reporting to identify when a task has been confirmed as read by all participants.

If a new employee joins the organisation and is added to a group that has been used for a Mandatory Read Task, then you can set the “Status” of that task back to “Active” this will then enable that to appear for all new staff members who did not have the chance to Read and Confirm previous.



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