SharePoint 2013/ 2016 On Premise Power User

This course is designed to lay a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills that will help you use and administer SharePoint 2013 or 2016 on premises 


The course is a balanced mix of demonstration, discussion and hands on labs, where you will work with the product to build a working Team Site.  



This course is aimed at SharePoint power users, super users and champions, or users who need to gain the skills to take on those roles.  


Delegates who attend this course should be comfortable with using a web browser to navigate the World Wide Web. They should also have experience using Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 or 2013, 2016 applications, specifically Outlook, Word and Excel.  


Introduction to SharePoint

What is SharePoint?

Understanding Collaboration

The User Interface

The Power of Search

Recycle Bin

Overview of SharePoint Sites

About Me Overview

Security Overview


Security Concepts

SharePoint Users and Groups

Permission Levels

The SharePoint Security Model

Permission Inheritance

Check Permissions


Collaboration Lists

Introduction to SharePoint List Apps

Announcement Lists

Calendar Lists

Contact Lists

Discussion Lists

Add, Edit, Delete and Restore Items

Sort and Filter

Quick Edit

Connect to Outlook

Export to Excel

List Item Version History



Using Views

View URLs

Create a Public View

Modify or Delete a View



Introduction to Alerts

Creating Alerts

Managing Alerts


List Management

Create a Collaboration List

List Name, Description and Navigation Options

Delete a List

Import Spreadsheet

Create a Custom List

Adding Columns

List Column Types

Column Validation

Quick Edit

Converting Columns

Deleting Columns

Basic Form Design

List Templates

Create a Collaboration List


Document Libraries

Introduction to Libraries

Interacting with Libraries

Upload and Download Documents

View and Edit Document Properties

Opening Documents

Editing Documents

Creating New Documents

Delete and Restore Documents

Open with Explorer 

Send to...

Export to Excel


Managing Libraries

Create a Docment Library

Title, Description and Navigation Options

Enabling Document Versioning

Library Columns

Column Types

Quick Edit

Create a Standard View

Save a Library as a Template

Delete a Library


OneDrive and OneDrive for Business

Understanding OneDrive and OneDrive for Business

Using Web Apps on OneDrive

Using Office on Demand

Use Search on OneDrive

Sync your OneDrive Business Library

Sync a Team Site Library

Working with Synced Folders

Setting your Microsoft Office Default Folders

Do SharePoint Activities with OneDrive for Business

Sharing a File

Other Devices


Managing Security

The SharePoint Security Model

SharePoint Users and Groups 

Permission Levels

Permission Inheritance

Check Permissions

Managing Root Site Security

Managing Subsite Security

Managing List and Library Security

Managing Document or Item Security


Site Management

Understanding Site Architecture

Creating a Subsite

Managing Site Navigation

Site Pages

Look and Feel

App Parts

Editing App Parts

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