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SharePoint Experts

SharePoint Online and On-Premise – part of Office 365 – gives you the ability to bring together many of your business tools into a single platform. Whether it be booking holidays, performance reviews, or business critical tools such as production monitoring and quality management. As your SharePoint consultants, we can show you the benefits. 

SharePoint Compliance

People-centric organisation

SharePoint is an integral part of Microsoft Office 365. It is used by thousands of organisations worldwide to help keep things organised.

It is a document store. Files are stored in project sites; they can be shared, previous versions are kept, and tagging makes things easier to find.

It is a communication tool. News can be distributed, alerts raised, messages sent, conversations had.

It is a business platform. Processes can quickly be set up to help manage your business: holiday booking, quality management, project planning, production control…

If you would like to find out more about what SharePoint can do in your organisation, please call us now on 023 9387 2560.

We are your SharePoint experts!

Our SharePoint consultancy is always tailored to suit your needs. Whether you need just 1 day, or 20. Our consultants will talk with you to understand how SharePoint needs to work for managing your business.

Once a clear plan of action is agreed, our consultants and developers immerse themselves into your SharePoint system, ensuring the solution is not only quick, but effective and high quality.

Plans of action may include:

  • Analysing your existing SharePoint system to ensure it’s set up in the best way
  • Migrating an older version of SharePoint to gain the benefits of SharePoint Online/ 2016
  • Reviewing your deployment to assess if costs can be reduced
  • Creating new site templates, workflows or apps to meet business needs
  • Training and support for staff to ensure all of SharePoint’s capabilities are utilised

Document Management

Having an organised and structured document management system (DMS) is essential when it comes to running a business. Not only does it save time when it comes to searching for what you need, but it can classify and protect your files, meaning your data is safe.

At AMT, we offer a set of services along with our trusted partners, that will get you up and running with SharePoint in days. Working with our experienced consultants, you and your team will increase your knowledge of SharePoint as a DMS and be empowered to begin building a structure that allows for the migration of files and processes.

Looking for extras?

With additional products such as Nintex, Termset and Flowforma, you can be sure that all your compliance necessities and automated workflows will run efficiently. If you would like to know more, follow the link below!


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