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Make the data work for you

Data comes from all manner of different sources – SQL Server databases, business applications, spreadsheets, websites – and covers sales and market information, production figures, finance, HR and quality.

All of this can be pulled together and then made available for analysis and reporting. So whether you want to look at this year’s sales versus last year’s, or see how your staff are performing, or how successful a promotion has been, we can put the data at your fingertips.

Configuration Checks

Check storage, memory, processing power and other resources are correctly configured. 


Identify badly performing queries and suggest ways to improve them. Identify hardware bottlenecks. Review indexing and identify other database design issues.

Disaster Recovery

Review current backup plan and provide recommendations. Suggest failover or high availability options.


Keeping on top of your business data in SQL Server and Power BI can be quite a task, but that is what AMT love. We will deliver a SQL Server health check that looks at your whole SQL Server environment to assess how well it meets best practices in terms of configuration, performance, disaster recovery and security.

These reports will show you the current state of your servers, along with recommendations of remedial action and improvements, and traffic lighting as to the urgency of fixes.

As well as this, we can set your business up with customised Power BI dashboards that will your bring data to life in a visual way. Power BI is available to Office 365 users and can be customised to your business needs and consist of all your live business data in one place.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence shouldn’t just be for IT Pros. We can give users access to the data that they need in a format that they can understand.

In order to meet your individual business intelligence needs, we use a variety of tools. These tools include Power BI, PowerPivot and SQL Reporting Services. From gathering, consolidating and cleansing the data, to storing and reporting, there is a tool to suit every budget and requirement.

We can pull your company’s data together in one place following well-defined business rules to produce a single warehouse of information, so that means no more having to check multiple locations for updates – you will have one version of the truth.

Database Design

Building efficient databases is a fine balance between ensuring fast performance and decreasing spend on excessive hardware and software licences.

Many databases are over-engineered – many cannot cope with the load placed on them. AMT is involved in the complete process of system design, from infrastructure to software development. Our database consultants know what is needed from a well-designed database. Get expert advice on your setup.



‘Little and often’ – make sure that your database is there when you need it most.

Draw-down Support

Draw-down Support

The best-maintained systems can run into problems on occasion. AMT can give you the reassurance that you have experts on hand when you need them most.

Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

It’s easy to take your databases for granted. a monthly or even quarterly maintenance schedule can keep things running smoothly.



To give you early warning of problems, we will set up automated monitoring of your servers, databases and backups. This allows quick action to be taken before things go wrong.

The Technical Details

The majority of the systems that we build are either browser-based systems using jQuery, MVC and SQL Server, or Microsoft SharePoint. We use these to quickly build business processes and surface reports. We can use Agile or Waterfall project management. We are happy to work alongside your current staff to ensure complete hand-over once the project is completed.

Software Partners

We have partnered with other companies to further expand our toolkit of business analytics. Take a look at what other tools we can provide to enhance the running of your business.

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