Get the ultimate Microsoft Teams package that will take you through from planning to adoption.

This package will help you and your team get to grips with Microsoft Teams and set up properly within a matter of days.

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Our team analyse how your business is currently using the cloud and interacting with your business goals. We will look at your objectives, what you hope to achieve and then ultimately put together a plan of action that will move your business through implementation and adoption. 


Best Practices

Look at Current Cloud Usage

Implementation Roadmap

Get Going

Once the plan is set out, we will then go on to implementing Teams into your business, from governance through to security, we will take you right through everything to get a solid foundation for working. You can also add on extras depending on your objectives, such as document migration and telephony. 


Agree and Document Governance Principles

Security and Settings

Document Migration Planning

Prep of Change and Management Comms

(extra) Document Migration

(extra) Telephony

(extra) Provisioning Tool

(extra) Hub Integration

Moving Forward

Now that everything is set up, you will need to get your users on board. With training and support from our experts, your business will be using teams properly in no time. We will also follow up after 6 weeks to check to see how your company is adapting and to see if there are any areas that need a bit more support to improve. 

End User Training

Train the Trainer

Virtual Floor Walks (Online Drop-In Sessions)

6 Week Utilisation Audit

(extra) Support

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