Office 365 – Move Your Data to new UK Data Centres

Migrate to Office 365
Microsoft has announced that the new Office 365 data centres in Durham and London are now fully operational. The great news for UK companies is that it is possible to move all of your current data and services into these datacentres. The UK datacentres will help businesses in industries such as government, healthcare, public sector and banking to ensure that data remains within the country and fully complies with data protection and privacy laws. This removes the barriers for businesses that have been unable or hesitant to move to the cloud. If you’re not convinced about the security that’s on offer, the Ministry of Defence is moving 95,000 front-line Mailboxes onto these Office 365 servers, making use of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection and Customer Lockbox to give high levels of protection. The UK data centres currently host Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and Office 365 products such as SharePoint Online, Exchange online and Project Online. Dynamic CRM Online will be added in Q1 2017.

Move your data to Office 365 UK Data Centres

How to request to move:
  1. Eligible customers will see a message in their Office 365 Admin Centre, which will allow them to request to have their data moved to their new data centre.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” and then click “Organisation Profile”. Scroll down to the “Data Residency” option section then click edit, a new section will appear. Toggle the button next to “Yes, my organisation has data residency requirements” then click Save.
Note: After confirming, this process cannot be undone. Microsoft support are not able to reverse this. Data moves will be completed within 24 months after the end of enrollment period which will be announced soon.