User Adoption Quick Tip #3 – Competition Time

User Adoption Competition
Competition – The activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others. | Oxford English Dictionary

So the definition of Competition strongly accentuates the need for winning, beating others and being the best. Fortunately, this is not key to the approach that is required for Intranet User Adoption.

Competition is all about conversation. Sometimes you need to give your users a reason to communicate about this new SharePoint Project. A lot of time and money goes into it, so why not involve everyone. There is no greater reason to get involved than having the opportunity to win an item or experience.

Working with one client, I suggested this exact approach. Within a couple of weeks, I revisited the organisation to continue Intranet development. To my surprise, I was informed that hundreds of suggestions for what to name the new Intranet had been submitted. The prize for the winning name was an iPad Mini (a small cost compared to the project budget, and hugely beneficial to getting all users engaged).

What do competitions like this achieve?

An increase in user interest and adoption. In this case, users began asking questions, thinking about how they could make use of it to increase their own or their teams’ productivity. Users were involved in the development of the intranet, even if just a name. This allowed for the feeling of contribution to the organisation.

The announcement of the competition winner took place during the release of the Intranet – enabling an engaging launch date. The marketing team also photographed the event to produce the first item of news to adorn the Intranet Home Page.

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