User Adoption Quick Tip #1 – Personification

User Adoption Quick Tips

User adoption quick tip number 1 of 3… personification!

Personification - The attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something non-human, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form | Oxford English Dictionary

OK, so we are not talking about artificial intelligence or another version of Skynet. We’re talking about how to breathe life into a time-consuming project that for most users will be “just another IT solution”.

With the Intranets we build, SharePoint is generally the “IT solution” that these users would be referring to. But, what if we could get them talking about the product in a better light. What if the product had a personality? What if it was easily dropped into everyday conversation?

Personality begins with a name.

This name can be a clever representation of the organisation’s environment, their line of business, or maybe an acronym (if you don’t already have enough of them!). The name shouldn’t need to be explained to users – they should just get it. This means nothing crazy, confusing, hard to pronounce, too techy, or humour that only you find funny.

Keep the name short, a simple buzz word. This needs to be a commonly used word within your corporate language; easy to say and catchy. The name needs to be enforced, your Intranet administrators must use this name frequently. Internal communications need to enforce this name also.

Take the following examples;

“Have you tried searching on SharePoint?”

“Have you tried looking on the Intranet?”

“Try asking the Hub?”

Which do you prefer?